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  • Spotlight on Love

    So I have seen an immense amount of fellow authors on Episode reading and commenting on Spotlight on Love contest entries...but I haven't seen a lot of non-author readers. I'm curious as to why that is. Are contest entries less interesting to read in your opinion? Or are there other reasons why normal readers don't seem too involved in the contests? (Btw, this is solely based on my personal opinion, so I could be wrong about this and it's just from my little experience so far.)

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    I wonder if it's less to do with contest entries, and more because readers aren't as interested in the Spotlight format. You can see a similar style to Spotlight in a lot of story apps, but the highly animated cinematic style is pretty unique to Episode, and I think that's why a lot of readers like it.


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      Compared to other contests, the interaction on the Spotlight entries has definitely seemed to be a lot less. Usually, contest entries do quite well as other authors tend to share and post screenshots to help the contest authors out.
      It's been almost a week since the deadline. Usually by now, there'd be a few stories with over 1000 reads but so far I don't think there are any (although last I checked, one was close). As CaitlinRumble said, I don't think it's because of the stories but rather the Spotlight format. I'm really curious to know how these stories go with reader retention compared to previous contests. A lot of people just don't seem as excited about the Spotlight style. I've had some feedback on my own story where readers have gone "well it's good... but why are the characters in bubbles. It looks weird".
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      • Himawari
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        I've seen people post about the spotlight bubbles too, but only saw one or two comments of people thinking it was weird. I saw way more enthusiastic comments of people who gave Spotlight entries a shot and were surprised about the high quality of the stories that entered this contest. But as I said: I just really miss the reader's point of view right now, instead of just the fellow contestants'. I'm not getting why seeing a character's feet or seeing 'm walk and sit at a table would make so much of a difference, when a lot of people who DID give the contest entries a try, had to admit that the quality of these stories is very high.

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      I have to agree with the others. The spotlight format just isn't as intriguing as the cinematic style. And when the contest is supposed to be about love, but you can't even get two characters to touch each other... it's kinda awkward.


      • Himawari
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        That is a valid point. Though I believe it can be creatively solved by adding custom-created art scenes of that. But I get that's not an option for everyone...

        I do love the narration of those stories better. The stories become more poetic, often more serious and have way more meaningful choices, because...well there just aren't any of the usual distractions of having to direct the exact spot where all the characters will be sitting, walking, standing or picking their noses or whatever. I really believe that the average quality of the stories in themselves are far higher than cinematic stories, just for the simple fact that there're no distractions and so the author feels more obliged but also is freer to make a darn good story to make up for that.

        In short: thinking that cinematic stories are 'all that' just is very shortsighted and honestly a very bad misconception in my opinion. I believe a couple of the contest entries I read so far to be far better than cinematic stories I've read. The stories are more creative and complex because the author DOES NOT have to direct every single move and can afford to focus on the story content more.

      • amberose
        amberose commented
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        That's a good point and I have seen a few stories adding their own art. I think it was a great solution for the people that did this. I still just think that the spotlight format won't grab everyone's attention the same way that the cinematic style does

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      I totally feel you! I thought that I was the only one who actually noticed!

      Also, Episode used to make posts on Instagram to encourage people to read stories about each contest, yet, they didn't make one for the spotlight stories.

      I honestly don't know why I felt like less people joined this contest (which is actually kinda true). I was actually going to pass, as well, but decided to join because my story was way too good to wait until next year's valentines day, and also because I thought that not many people would join it, which means that there won't be a lot of competition, and I might have an easier chance to win.

      I am actually freaking out to know what will happen to the stories that will win the contest, I don't know why I feel like they won't have as many reads as the other contests got in the past.

      I am just stating some facts and my opinion


      • CaitlinRumble
        CaitlinRumble commented
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        I was going to enter, but then I realized that I need to actually work on my current story and not enter every single contest­čśé

        Personally I like both spotlight and cinematic. Spotlight is more like reading a novel, Cinematic is more like a movie. They both have their flaws and strengths.

      • EliseC
        EliseC commented
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        I wasn't going to enter either, but I was suffering with "director's block" and decided that writing a spotlight would be a nice change of pace. This is my third contest and out of all of them, this story has gained the least amount of reads in the same time frame despite having the most amount of shares and shoutouts on IG.
        I'm very curious to see how the shelf goes. I've read quite a few entries and there are some really great stories, but I do feel like a lot of people won't even give them a chance. I think a lot of people might exit as soon as they realise it's in spotlight.

      • Entisar.episode
        Entisar.episode commented
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        I know, right EliseC ! I am feeling the same way!!!