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Let's talk aboout....Matchmaker!

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  • Let's talk aboout....Matchmaker!

    Did you like the story "Matchmaker" ? I didn't finish it but from the two episodes I think the plot is somehow predictable? Unless there's a plot twist

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    Spoilers ahead —

    I got up to Episode 3, but that was mostly powering through my confusion? There’s Cupid, and then there’s Cupid?? And I personally find the MC annoying. Don’t like how I’m forced to pine after the ex, who’s douchey, then desperate, then shot with an arrow? then in love with MC apparently. Idk dude, there was no point in adding actual Cupid if ex is in love with MC already. I’m reading it for geeks though, bc it’s so hilarious that the story tries to paint Cupid as a mysterious/suspenseful character, but you’re kinda just, rolling your eyes. But yeah, plot’s not the best, not the worst, and the writing is... alright?
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      Not bad, but a 6/10


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        I read the original (which was a short story) and liked it. So far this one... I don't hate it and I'm continuing, but it seems a bit more dragged out than the original. I know the plot will be a bit different (apparently Cupid is a love interest in this version when he wasn't in the original), but it seemed to take the first four episodes to cover what was originally in two episodes. I'm currently on episode 5 and Cupid... he's creepy. I don't like him at all, especially as a love interest.
        I also find the MC annoying and I don't like how desperate she is.
        The directing is good. I'll keep reading for now. I'm curious to see how the plot changes from the original.


        • CaitlinRumble
          CaitlinRumble commented
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          Where can I find the original short story? Is it still around? I'd love to compare them.

        • EliseC
          EliseC commented
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          CaitlinRumble You can actually find it as a Cupid's Arrow contest winner on the shelf =) It's called MATCHMAKER and it's four episodes and complete.

        • CaitlinRumble
          CaitlinRumble commented
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          EliseC That... actually makes a lot of sense. Thank you!!

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        I am not saying that the author is not talented, but the story wasn't as I expected. I follow the author on Instagram and she made me so excited for the story. I felt that the story would be more interesting. I am not judging her because I didn't read except the first two chapters and I guess it was alright.
        For some reason I wasn't going to read it knowing that it is a featured story because I thought that the episode team were the ones who wrote the story line, because almost all of the featured stories were cliches and not-so-good stories. Many people didn't like the third season of Demi and I personally didn't really like Mean Girls spring break, and also Vimpire's kiss. For some reason I thought that the episode team ran out of ideas, that's why I wasn't going to read it at first. But when I asked her who wrote the story, she said that she was the one who wrote it, so I gave it a shot.
        I am most likely not going to finish it, but maybe I will come back to it in the future, or maybe I am just going to rush it up to get gems.
        Again, I am not saying that the story is not good or the author is not talented, I am just saying that this kind of stories are not my favorite.


        • Lilly145
          Lilly145 commented
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          Demi Season 2 should of been the end

          As for Mean Girls, I can see why you dislike it I personally only liked season 2 and even then that wasn't that good either

          Vampire Kiss wasn't TOO bad.