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Let's Talk About . . . January Picks!

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  • Let's Talk About . . . January Picks!

    I'm happy to see that I am making an impact on this thread! I always see this thread as story sharing and recommending - No. NO NO NO. This is discussing stories not sharing. So I am going to post some 'Let's Talk About' where we can talk about some actual stories!
    • Mr. Anonymous by Cassie
    • With or Without You by Wynter Sapphire
    • Love is a Drug by Anneka Moon
    • Dangerous Attraction by Irene Sid
    • My Gang Leader by Viola Musaraj
    • The Doberman by Meeza

    (Just random Ideas) What was your favorite? Which ones have you read so far? What stood out to you? Does the cover represent the story - or is it misleading? Plot Twisting? Do you Recommend? Would you reread? Was their multiple endings? Did you hate the ending? Is the story in the wrong genre? Will you read more? Is this pick disappointing? Do you wish they included a different story, or didn't have a story?

    If you haven't read, why won't you be reading any of the stories? Is the genre - or not hooking enough for you?

    Please Note : Authors do read this.

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    Personally most were meh, I hate gang storylines.

    Mr.A was interesting and with that being said, My GANG Leader was a close second


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      So I took the time to read at least 5 chapters of each story to give it a proper review.

      Mr. Anonymous was a cute fun one and actually kept me interested for all 8 episodes. I would totally recommend.
      With or Without You was also interesting kind of like a rags to riches kind of story
      Loves is a Drug and Dangerous Attraction were both sort of the same kind of story. It didn't hold my interest. For Dangerous Attraction I felt more time and effort was put into the side story instead of the main story
      My Gang Leader and The Doberman were also same for the most part and didn't hold any interest for me.
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