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Help with Story Planning :)

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  • Help with Story Planning :)

    Hey! This thread is to help people plan their stories. I'm aware that some of you guys like to write and want to write a story using Episode's platform. It has been brought to my attention that a lot of people are having problems with story planning. Just know that I'm here to help you. I'm very good at coming up with ideas and plots for stories. I've been writing stories since I was 12 years old so I'm pretty experienced with writing a story. To even go further, I'm going to list some story plots. Please note that some of these plots may seem cliche, but if you spice them up a bit, they won't seem too cliche. If you're interested in that plot please comment down below and reach me on Instagram @brianam.stories !
    Story Plots

    Story #1 - A teenage girl and a teenage boy both like each other, but they can't be together because of the girl's parents' religious reasons. The girl is a Christian (it can be any religion you want it to be) and of course her parents don't approve of her having a boyfriend because they believe in marriage not boyfriend and girlfriend relationships. Of course, they girl is mad because she can't be with the boy she loves. The girl wants to run away because she can't be with the boy she loves. So the girl and her boyfriend both plan a trip to move far, far away from her parents so she can be happy. Her parents won't know where she is until they get a call from her school.

    Story #2 - An African American teenage girl has this huge dream to become a singer in Hollywood. But there's a problem, she's too shy to show her singing talent to people. She can write her own songs, but she's afraid to sing and share them to other people. She knows that following her dreams is something magical, and could be a huge door opener for her. She doesn't have enough courage to go after her dream until she meets a very special boy that could help her.

    Story #3 - Emma struggles with being an independent woman in this crazy world. Things get heated when she has to work for a major clothing cooperation. Of course, she's not married to being single is something that she adores. She's a bit cocky, and doesn't like it when people tell her what to do. But what if her boss is the most rudest, and self-centered man in the world? They're just alike, but Emma doesn't like him. Will she take orders from him and continue to be stubborn, or will she end up in her weak spot?

    Story #4 - Growing up in a small city is hard for a girl like Karisma. Her mom is a single parent with 4 kids on her hands. Karisma's family is very unfortunate and poor. She has hopes of becoming an entrepreneur to help her family out after she graduates from college. She stills lives with her mom to help her with her 3 siblings. Karisma may have a few bumps along the road because this world is full of idiotic and rude people that like to bring people down. What if she can't become an entrepreneur to help out her mom? Will she suffer tremendously?
    For more story ideas please comment down below or contact me on Instagram!

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    Hi! Moved this to Episode Fan Community as this is Episode-specific. Carry on! ✌️