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What I hate in a story

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  • What I hate in a story

    I started this new topic to help people when working on a story to know what not to do here's how it works

    Step 1 say what u don't like
    Step 2 give advice on how to fix it
    Step 3 tell us ur favorite story

    Rules: NO HATE PLEASE!!!!!!

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    1. When people use text "slang" in a story or even in general, depending on the context. Example: u/ur/2/lol/wtf, etc.
    2. Use English (online dictionaries work, too)
    3. Currently, it'd be Dripping Mascara (the new episodes were amazing!)

    1. Love triangles
    2. Keep to one love interest at a time

    1. People repeating from the trending section
    2. Think of original, engaging content, there are tons of articles to help with this
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    1. Incorrect spelling and grammar.
    2. Use a dictionary.
    3. Dripping Mascara, all the way!


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      You are too sweet... thank you!!!!

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    1. When the author uses "I don't know how to write the script" or "I don't know how to do choices" as an excuse for having a bad story/bad directing.
    2. Before publishing your story, make sure you know how to use the program. Your story will be much more enjoyable!
    3. Campfire and Soulbound.


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      I absolutely hate when an author gives their protagonist all good qualities, and then gives the antagonist only shitty ones. I do not want to read about a Gary Stu/Mary Sue, but I also don't want to read about an Anti-Sue/Anti-Stu either, and I sure as hell don't want to read about the two going head to head. What I would like to read about is flawed, yet redeemable, (read: realistic) characters going against each other instead. Don't be afraid to blur the lines between good and bad. Make the reader question the protagonist's motives every now and then. Make them question if the protagonist is really the good guy (unless, of course, you're writing from a villain's perspective, in which, insert "bad guy" there instead). Trust me: It makes for a hell of a lot better story than the former.

      A good way to avoid doing this is to give all characters (who make a difference in the story) both three good qualities and three bad. Give them a backstory, motivations, goals. Of course, make opposing forces' goals conflict (otherwise, they wouldn't be opposing forces, you know?), but be sure to make it realistic. Don't get lazy; flesh them all out.

      Black Absinthe is really good for seeing what I mean about blurring the lines between good and bad and giving all characters strengths and weaknesses. It's by far my favorite story on Episode right now, and I suggest giving it a read if you haven't yet.


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        1) Support characters that have absolutely no relevance whatsoever to the progression and plot of a story, and are simply featured in the story to develop another character's (usually the MC's) personality, or to deliver exposition. Support characters are very important parts of a story and if utilised correctly, they can really enhance a story. It really just irritates me when authors have support characters whom are simply there for the sake of being there, and often kill them off simply for shock value. I don't expect authors to sit for days and days establishing an ingenious plot with characters woven into the overall backstory, but unnecessary characters take up ample time, space and effort. In conclusion: Don't make characters simply for the sake of making them. Make sure that every character will have dialogue and impact that makes sense and will enhance the story overall.

        2) Spend a little time developing characters and working out how they actually relate to the story. Think of where each character will appear in the story, and once you have an ending, figure out where each character will fit into it (if they do). Don't just create 20 characters and have no use for them.

        3) I don't really spend much time reading on the Episode app for leisure anymore, but I do really like The B-Team at the moment.


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          1. Choices that don't matter. I mean maybe a couple of choices, like outfit choices, and place choices and stuff like that, but if you're really nice to a character and then she's mean to you, most cases this annoys me (unless its the antagonist.)
          2. We have gain commands for a reason people. You decided to do (a), but the next day you decide to do (b). However, if you did (a), then you can do something else. Make sense? No? 'Kay then. We also have character scores for a reason. (Say something mean, your score decreases, say something nice, your score increases, say something in between, your score stays the same: later, the character reacts to what you've said in either a nice or mean way)
          3. I really like the Valentines Day: Wasted Roses.

          1. Contradicting choices. You chose something and then the character does the opposite. Or, even better, the character does something totally against everything you wish they'd done. You want your character to not give (a) to (b), but she does that anyway, and suddenly you don't feel invested in the story.
          2. Give the opportunity for (a) to be given to (b) at a later point in the story. Or have it not effect the mc as much.
          3. Valentines Day: Stairway to Heaven

          1. Bad grammar.
          2. Check over your work, and if you really can't do it, then ask your friends, or someone here on the forum to help. I've given up too many stories because I just couldn't read them and the way they were written.
          3. The Pheonix Prophecy and the Ember Effect.

          Basically I have tons of issues with choices.
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            I loved this post I will try my best to not irritate my readers my story is still in progress


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              1 when people introduce their characters in the beginning of a story
              2 A good writer knows how to release more info about a character while the story is going and introducing them might give people a better insight but it's way more infesting not to know much about a character and get shocked about their past if you know too much it gets boring
              3 I'd have to choose TIMELESS it's so good
              Also check out the new girl from outer space
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                1. When people had a short chapter. I mean i'm not asking for a long chapter either, I just prefer the normal length. Like duh, it's really hard to wait for passes you have to wait for 4 hours! Atleast make each passes worth the cost.
                2. When the story has awful grammar.

                1. Just know the limits, if it's too short or too long.
                2. I know some of the authors doesn't have english as first language, but pls. atleast try to look it better. Ask somebody for help.

                1.I just been reading for month so I say it's tangled love, ember effect.


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                  Oh I hate when people do really short chapters. My chapters are between 1000 - 1500 lines would that be considered a normal length chapter or too long? Curious if I am doing them too long? I too annoy I wait for tickets and they go so quickly with short ill thought out sessions

                • RachelQuartz
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                  1000-1500 lines is considered the normal length, but it depends on your amount of choices.
                  Each of my episodes are 3000+ lines because of the amount of branching it requires. One of my favourite authors needs around 10,000.

                  There should be 1000-1500 lines in the ACTUAL plot and directing, if that's what you're asking.
                  If there's 950 lines of character customization, take those lines and subtract them. That'll give you a good idea.

                  Episodes are usually around 10 minutes long. I will usually play through my episode and time it, but go through it as fast as I possibly can. This means reading very quickly (but not skipping through), and skipping the character customization. That'll be the time that your episode will be. If you read at a normal pace, a faster reader might shorten the read time to 4 minutes. It all depends. Put it into perspective.

                  That's all I really have to say about Episode times. Just make it long enough to suit ALL readers.

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                1. When people use terrible grammar.
                2. Please please PLEASE just use google
                3. Dripping Mascara & Spellbound


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                  You're too sweet! Thank you so much for enjoying my story It means a lot to me

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                1)What I really hate on stories? Cliches!! I hate them! And I'll mention some cliche type of stories or scenes:
                - The bland bad boy stories.... Like no. Have you guys ever seen a highschool nerd going out with a bad boy? Me neither. So just stop this.

                - Boy moves in with girl/girl's family. No, That doesn't happen either. As a highschool girl if a boy moved in with me my parents would freak out and slay the guy to Syria. And they would never accept some random boy to come live with the family. Like "Oh hello hot stranger, do you want to come live with us and our 16 year old daughter?" He be like "Ooh yeah cool because I don't have a family back home so I'll just move in with you and maybe in two weeks I might be your son-in-law". And if the girl is grown.... She would be mature, and not accept a stranger in her house for no reason.

                - Teen moms. I find 172397892378 of these stories and they seem very similar with each other.

                - A thousand of guys instantly fall in love with the main character. Ok keeping the love interests open is good, but having 21779 guys to fall for her in two seconds? That's far away from realism. Like bitch I can't even get a single boy to like me and the main character just gets like 10 guys following her around and confessing their undying love for the main character....

                - Nerd makeovers. Wow. This gives such a strong message. "If you are a nerd nobody will fall for you but if you have a makeover from your friend, ten guys will instantly" And please don't even get me started on the storylines.

                - The scene where guy walks in to the girl dressing. You know, there's something called key that these people haven't heard about I guess. I think I speak for 3/4 of girls when I say that I lock my door while dressing or showering.

                - When girls have bad manners they always blame the abusive parents. A: "I F**KING WANT A SANDWICH IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK???" B: "No but why do you shout?" A: *troll face* "Abusive parents"

                - Stereotypes. The blonde is either the bitch or the dumb friend. The black girls are usually the snappy, insulting friend. and nerd girl, they have glasses and dress badly. My best friend is a nerd and she is the most stylish person I've ever seen. I'm a blonde and I'm not dumb, neither mean. And my friend Lakeisha who is black, she is not a snappy retorting girl! Deal with it episode!! Whenever I read these stories I'm like: Why?

                - Bumping into a guy on the hall and immediately falling for him. No comment

                - 13 year old girls making a 50 Shades Of Grey novel inside their story.... I think you need to have experience in order to write something like that. And when I see this thing happening I'm like: Ummm Wuuut?

                - Stories who disgust me, only 3 episodes, featuring only mature effing scenes. And yes we all need to report these stories and after I report them I'm there like:

                2) How to improve your stories. Think of something original, maybe inspired from real life events. Before writing it think: Can this thing happen in real life? (Unless a fantasy story.)
                Pleaaaaseee check your grammar!! I mean it's ok to have a few mistakes but I usually see major mistakes. Here is an English lesson for anyone who can't tell the difference between YOUR and YOU'RE

                Please avoid cliches. Also don't force the flow of the events. Let the story flow naturally by itself and try to make everything as clear as possible.

                3) I have a lot of favorite stories actually:
                School Spirit
                Family Affairs
                Don't Sleep
                Peyton Rose
                Wasted Roses
                Dripping Mascara
                The art of seduction
                Stairway to Heaven
                Colorless Reality
                Tricks or Traps
                Secret Santa
                Along Came Lucas
                Not Being Normal
                A touch of rain
                A perfect place
                Loving Desires (aka Started with a dog)
                My stupid high school drama
                And some more that I probably forgot to mentionXD
                And trust me I've read many moreXD


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                  Thank you so much for listing my story as one of your favorites!

                • Isabelle Escalante
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                  I agree with every single point!

                • AndThatsShannii
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                  Your comments are 100% true! All you see on the app nowadays is "bad boy" this and "pregnant by..." that. Even the names lack originality I do like seeing diverse stories with original plots, but it can be so difficult to get attention as a writer when you're not pandering to what the audience expects!

                  I have no intention of giving up with my story (even though it isn't the conventional Episode story), but it can be frustrating sometimes when audiences expect the same old! I have a moody, bratty guy character in my story. Yes, he will eventually be a love interest, but he needs to go through a lot of character development and a massive epiphany before he is even REMOTELY ready for love. Of course, I get so many messages from girls wanting him to kiss the MC already -.-

              • #13

                So there's a lot of stuff I don't like in Episode stories.

                1. Introducing characters in the beginning like the mother of all infodumps; it's long and unnecessary and immediately puts me off
                2. Think of the first episode as a series of mini-introductions for your main cast while prioritizing the plotline. But SHOW us their personalities, not just narrate them in a laundy-list fashion

                1. When characters respond to big news or lifechanging events with little to no emotional reaction.
                2. At least devote a few extra lines to make a scene like that believable.

                1. First chapters that consist mostly of the MC doing mundane things like heading off to school, taking first period, talking to BFF, seeing soulmate across the hall and falling in instalove. It's barely a plotline, tells us NOTHING about your story, and just downright boring.
                2. Set your plot into motion from the very first episode. Don't waste time on [NAME] woke up, decided between 3 outfits, had breakfast, went to school, etc. If your MC faces a serial killer for example and that is the start of your plot, then quickly work it in. Don't leave it for later chapters.

                1. GRAMMAR. Misspellings and bad punctuation and use of slang, the like. I don't have a thing against slang. If you're gonna use cusswords in your story, fine, but put in a warning beforehand and don't go overboard with the foul language.
                2. If you can't crack open a dictionary, at least run the word or sentence by google first.

                1. The main character is a sweet and kind Madonna. The mean girl (usually blond with some exotic name) is rich and snobby and your run-of-the-mill bitch, and mostly because she's either dating or is a recent ex of the guy our MC is interested in
                2. I can't even begin to explain how much I hate this trope. There was a story on Episode that had this exact premise, though it was done extremely atrociously and it disgusted me so much that I had it reported. I love a good rivalry but it has to go beyond girl-on-girl hate based on shallow reasons

                I am a ridiculously picky person, so here are three stories that I can say without a doubt I enjoyed reading:

                1. The New Girl from Outer Space. Appearing at first to be nothing short of a compilation of all high school romance cliches, but it gets so much better in later episodes
                2. Party Girls. It appears at times to be an extreme parody, but is a fun, quick, light and easy read.
                3. Campus Crush. The mystery kept me going as well as the choices that made everything matter.
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                  Here are some things I really don't like when it comes to stories...

                  1: BAD GRAMMAR AND/OR SPELLING. This probably bugs me the most when I'm reading a story, ESPECIALLY when people don't know the difference between "their," "there," and "they're." Or "your" and "you're." Or add random capitals in the middle of a sentence.
                  2:Pick up a dictionary or Google it!

                  1: Clichés. I see so many stories like, "You are the new girl at school and the mean girl (who is most likely rich and is dating the school jock) has it out for you. Meanwhile, you fall for the school's most popular guy (who is probably the mean girl's boyfriend)." I think we can all guess how that one ends. And don't even get me started on bad boy stories.
                  2: Come up with original ideas! Ask your friends and family for ideas, use a story generator, etc..

                  1: Cookie-cutter male love interests. A lot of the potential boyfriends I see in stories are sweet and hot, and that's it. I have nothing against men who are kind and good-looking, but give them some more flavour than that! Make them funny, or playful, or intelligent, or adventurous, or daring, or old-fashioned. Liven them up a bit!
                  2: Just Google personality traits, scroll through some, and decide which ones you think would fit the male love interest in your story.

                  1: When there aren't enough choices in the story, or they're just little ones that don't result in different things happening. This doesn't bug me as much though, as long as it's a good story.
                  2: Just do a bit of extra typing and throw some more choices in the story.

                  My favourite stories are:
                  Party Girls. I found it really funny and addicting!
                  Professor Bunny. It's just a really cute story!
                  The Lives of Ginevra. I really like the mystery and how it's based in the 1910s.
                  Eucatastrophe. Yes, it's a little cliché. But I really like it, and the author is sweet and a lot of fun!

                  Edit: Just read Dripping Mascara, Colorless Reality, Dreaming of a Red Christmas, and Darlene The Trailer Park Queen. Those all needed to be added!
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                    Some things I don't like...

                    1) There are these things called emotions. Sometimes, writers don't use anything to support these emotions. Therefore, the character is speaking in monotone the entire time. The end.
                    2) Use exclamation marks, periods, and question marks throughout the story. Mix it up! Cry a little! Laugh a bit! Use human emotions!

                    1) The cliches are real. I repeat, this is a code cliche. Too many cliches! If I could count every "girl-moves-to-new-school-bad-boy-moves-in-nerd-makeover-teen-mom" story in the Trending section, it would be out of this world! And not in a good way.
                    2)Use original ideas! Be creative! Life is not a cliche love story, mi amigos, so look for inspiration!

                    1) The overused gender stereotypes are just overwhelming. I just used over as a prefix to two words in one sentence! Some people think that playing like a girl is playing soft and never EVER getting a touchdown or home run or whatever. That view should be locked in a dark corner with all cliches. Girls and women, though they still have the same rights as men, have to fight to prove themselves in our modern society. Women earn less money than men in the same job. Some stories depict women as being stupid and obsessed with shoes and boys. No. I say no more. A woman could be a nerd or geek and still dress nicely and like shopping! A woman could become a carpenter or lawyer! Stories tend to depict women as needing a man to protect them. Well, I don't need a prince in shining armor! I'm a strong lady who is capable of so much. Girls are capable of just as much as men. So, why do we have so many stories about guys saving girls from a horrible fate of being single?
                    2) Use strong women in your stories. We can play rough, too!

                    1) Summing this up, bad grammar really bugs me. Homophones, too.
                    Your vs You're
                    There vs Their vs They're
                    Two vs Too vs To
                    And the list goes on.
                    2) Look over your script. Look for these words and fix them!

                    In order to keep this from turning into a very long post, I'll just skip to 3.

                    3) I'd have to say that my favorite story is Dripping Mascara. A close second is Enslaved.


                    • GenevieveM
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                      The amount of likes I would give this post if I could would be infinity, lol! All of your points are things I agree with and work on, too!

                      Thanks so much for reading and enjoying my story enough to call it your favorite. That is such an honor and I can't be more thankful