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What I hate in a story

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    Personally, I hate seeing obvious, silly mistakes in a story. It’s completely understandable to make a few mistakes if English isn’t your first languge, but when I see LOADS of typos and silly mistakes in a story, I immediately ascribe it to laziness and a lack of proofreading. It makes me want to abandon the story altogeher!

    As a writer on episode myself, I spend a lot of time making sure that all the dialogue makes sense and is spelt correctly. Of course, I make mistakes from time to time, but it’s the frequency of those mistakes that really puts me off.


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      1. What I really can't stand is when writers glorify unhealthy relationships. Rape, abuse, excessive jealousy, controlling behavior, etc. all portrayed as normal and even desirable? That's a no-go. Not only does it send a terrible message about relationships to younger and/or impressionable readers, it's also deeply hurtful and offensive or even traumatic to anyone who's been affected by a relationship like that. The media we consume has been proven to shape the way we see the world, and Episode is no different. So like it or not, we actually have a responsibility not to send harmful messages to our audience.

      2. Educate yourself on what a healthy relationship looks like. If you do write about an abusive relationship, make sure to show it for what it really is and craft it with the proper care. If it could be particularly distressing for someone who's survived a relationship like that, give it a trigger warning. You don't want to be responsible for digging up emotional trauma or giving someone a panic attack.

      3. I think my favorite story right now is Dirty Sexy Teenagers. It's absolutely hilarious.