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What is your FAVORITE User Story??

This is a sticky topic.
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  • I'm glad that Episode team is interested to hear from us readers! There are good stories out there which are simply lost in the crowd and really deserve to have people know about them.

    I'd like to recommend a new story called "The Exchange Program" which I have just read, by Autumn Rose.

    It's one of the funniest stories I have read on Episodes, I was laughing out loud so many times. The author has a great sense of humor. This story simply deserves more people reading it.


    • Hello Episode Community

      I'm glad that episode team help us readers how to communicate in other people. But their are people who deserve more reads. And People deserve to know them.

      I like to recommend a new story on episode "XoXo Gossip Babe" By:CindyG

      This girl deserves more reader for her story.

      Her story is really amazing the spot and directing is really good. I read her story on episode and it's really amazing. This girl deserves more reads.

      Thank you for your time to read this message.


      • MAD WOMEN is a new amazing hidden gem!
        comedy drama love 😍😍
        def have to check it out
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        • Let me see.......

          - Deaths Game (earlgreytea)
          - Faking Death (S. Langdon)
          - Wonderland (Rain Ruby)
          - Ace of Spades (Romantic Wendigo)
          - The Wolf Within (EllyB)
          - All the Stories Are True (RainieWinter)

          All my faves )