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How to make your Episode story you wrote get popular fast?

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  • How to make your Episode story you wrote get popular fast?

    I just wrote a story, and I let a lot of people test read it. They all said it was very good, and they really liked it, which told me it was a good story. I know a lot of people who's stories got famous very, very fast, but doesn't have any reads. Is there a way to get it popular quicker? Is there a way to help people find my story easier? Please help!

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    Um, that's a complicated question, I think.

    Sometimes really fabulous stories don't get a lot of reads because things that tend to be popular and trending include romance, pregnancy, drama, etc. Not to imply that there is anything wrong with those topics at all but simply saying that sometimes more "original" stories get lost in the shuffle. Sometimes small things like the name of the story or the cover art can make a big deal, too.

    One tip I've found is to have an Instagram for your story and stay active on Instagram as much as you can.


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      Please read my story! It is about a young teenager falling for her old childhood crush...again! Only to find out he's be stalking her for the best five years!


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        The first story that I wrote.
        Only 6 views in this week. . .

        Title: Damsel - Limelight
        Author: Damsel.series
        Genre: Drama, Romance
        No. of Episode: 3 (ongoing)
        Style: LIMELIGHT
        Story Description: While Amelia seeks to make her cheating fiance pay for his actions, will she fall for him again... or someone else? [Inclusive of frequent clothes choices!] [At least 1000 lines of script per episode!]
        Instagram: damsel.series.episode


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          Put a combination of the words Pregnant, Bad Boy, Billionaire, Baby or Gangster in the title.


          • Gimere
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            And now I have to talk myself out of calling my next parody "Baby, I'm Pregnant by the Billionaire Bad Boy Gangster." :P

            But yes, that does work wonders.

          • Annie_Episode
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            Also, put click bait keywords: pregnant, gang, etc... lol

          • CaitlinRumble
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            JessicaSwift and Gimere, you both just made me laugh so hard.
            Also, I would probably read a parody story with that title.

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          Just keep writing, updating and promoting your stories on Instagram and on the forums. If there really was a fast track to Episode "fame" then everyone would be doing it.
          If you're writing quality stories, your readers will recognize that and you'll slowly gain fans who'll stick with you. For me that's a lot more rewarding than suddenly getting famous over night.


          • Little Potato
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            It's true! A lot of the "fast famous stories" were written by people with a pre-existing fan base

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          you maybe have 1000 for example readers and 14 episode, (idk your story) but for example if one person read only the first 3 chapters and gave you 3 reads, the next week the same person read 4 chapters. you will not get much famous. Now if another person has 100 readers and 10 chapters if a reader reads and the 10 chapters in 1 day, her rank will get lower and she'll be more famous quicklier, only if that keep happening eg. 3 people read the whole story in 4 days it will keep being famous. It doesn't matters the views it matters the rank and how costantly people read your story


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            Create an Episode Instagram account and follow lots of other episode accounts. Alot of them will follow you back then you have a following. In a week or so you could have more than 100. Do read for reads on there and put sneak peaks and stuff about your story on the account to get people interested when theyre looking through their feed. It will help alot more then you think
            Follow me and I'll follow you back and I'll give your story a shout out too and give you a read to get you started if you would like
            LTLULATAL.EPISODE (all lower caps)
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