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App Suggestion: Age/Age Limit Option/Rating.

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    I'm not understanding why this post doesn't have more support. This would literally solve all of our problems. Episode wouldn't have to worry about facing legal actions if someone's child is traumatized by something they read (it would be their own fault for lying about their age and ignoring the warnings) and the writers won't have to hinder their creativity and ruin their overall story line by trying to tip-toe around guidelines meant for children.

    I get it, Episode is meant to be a user friendly app, but children aren't the only ones reading and writing stories here. Actually a majority of Episode's audience consists of users around ages 17-24 (or older), we don't always want to read your basic romance/drama novels in a Highschool setting with a cliche' love triangle plot. Yes drama does sell, and that stuff is great for young teenagers that literally thrive for that unrealistic, sappy, adrenaline rush, bull-crap; but your older audience wants more, we want a story-line that's relatable, trippy, something that will make you think, something suspenseful, something serious! But because of these guidelines that's nearly impossible, and for the few stories that exist, we're left unsatisfied due to lack of detail because of what? The guidelines meant for children.

    Not everyone is an immature moron, most of us are responsible adults. We're not going to turn Episode into a porn filled app that glorifies rape, bestiality, and saw slingers.
    And just because you're allowed to mark your stories R rated that doesn't mean episode has to allow that kind of smut to be on the app.

    Episode still has the right to filter what goes on the app and what doesn't. SO, filter out the trash! There's a major difference between describing what happens in a rape scene of a story that's meant to raise awareness of sex-trafficking and the aftermath, bringing attention to the fact that it does exist, needs to be acknowledged, and put to an end; VS a story where in the first scene they describe a rape and make it seem fun and okay, and that's literally all the story is about (partying, and drinking, and raping). Do you see the difference?? Filter out the trash not the read-worthy stories because of the "mature content."


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      I agree w/ this ^^!

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    How would this work though? I mean I love the idea but a 13 year old could easily say they were born in 1999/2000 to make them 18. There can be ways to bypass this.


    • candygirl1013
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      Yes I know it's illegal but if they lie to bypass the system then is it worth it?

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      I think it's worth it, if the user is not being honest about their age, it's COMPLETELY their fault.

    • Steph Patrick
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      Episode can't be held responsible for virtual babysitting children. That is the parent's/users responsibility.

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    Maybe adding a parental lock would work? Or maybe that brings more problems


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      This is a repost of what I said on my thread but it's now closed, but I'll share my suggestions on here :



      I just read the Guidelines in the Forums and I saw complications about mature stories and younger audiences. I was thinking of a cool solution (not sure if anyone brought it up lol...). But I was thinking about adding maturity ratings in the Writer Portal.

      Let me explain:

      For example, an author wrote a story that's more towards the more mature audience. In the Writer's Portal, there could be a feature, a feature that can allow us to set up an age rating.
      So say that the author set up an age rating up to *strictly* 17 and up.

      And then a younger NEW Episode user (this user never used Episode until now) goes on the app, and enters their birth year (for age purposes and it could be another feature added).

      And say that Episode has this algorithm thing, and it filters all the stories that the young user could read after they enter their birth year, and this means mature story that was strictly 17 and up would not appear in the young user's app until they turn 17.

      If the mature story was *suggested* for audience 17 and up, the story will appear in the younger user's app, but it would have a warning. (Which is similar to your idea on adding PG, PG-13, and etc.)


      Enter age in the app [look at image 1]

      The maturity rating feature in the Writer's Portal should be in this page [look at image 2]

      The maturity age suggestion in the app could look like this [look at image 3]
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        I just said that but I didn't see your post, haha

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      People under 13 apparently can't use Episode though. If someone under 13 is using Episode, you have to report it.


      • candygirl1013
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        But not everyone always broadcasts their age.

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      YES, I FREAKING SUPPORT THIS 100000000000000000%! As a writer, I would LOVE to write AND read mature content. I am 25 years old, I am allowed to see, and view things that younger audience would not be allowed or shouldn't see. Just because of my age, I shouldn't be limited to my writing or reading. I also like what GoodMorningToki said. YES, Epsiode is totally hypocritical I have pointed that out in their content guidelines post. If their own team or featured artists write something that breaks the guidelines it's no big deal to them and the story remains inappropriate and nothing is done. BUT If I were to write a very descriptive chapter in my own story about a girl losing her virginity or a scene where a man is bullied and threatened then OH MY GOD stop the press it's like I'm breaking the law! But, again their stories remain inappropriate to their guidelines. I kid you not when I first downloaded this app and opened it up. I looked at the front page and thought WOW, this is definitely a COOL app for ADULTS. I thought these stories were supposed to be on the "risky" mature, rated R side just based on the freaking front page! I opened the app up and thought it WAS for adults 18+ only!!!

      Anyways YES I support this idea, even if they just created an 18+ RATED R section where writers and readers can't be judged on what they want to view. I would PAY good money for this section! I would also not be afraid to confirm my birthday by sending in a snap of my ID, they could do that to ensure it is truly adults viewing the rated R section.

      YES, DO THIS!!!!! THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        This should be implemented, but I think there should be a question that asks you for your age (1-99 so the people can choose any age and think they are safe, since they just got the app and don't know about the feature), and when the Author chooses what age group, they are automatically locked out of the story, or it will only show stories suitable for their age group.


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          I love this idea Eleanor2468. I support this 100%!!


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            But mature content shouldn't be on the app anyways. It's still 13+. It's like putting mature content on a kids show or website and including a "warning" or "age verification" and thinking it's ok. I would understand if the app had a higher age rating, but since it doesn't I don't think this would solve any problems related to inappropriate content on Episode.


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              GiGi is Me

              I get what you're saying, but honestly, Episode should move it's rating up to Mature 17+ anyway!
              First of all, more college aged adults play episode than teenaged children; and I personally feel like the app should be rated mature anyway just by looking at Episode's ads.


              Yes, while this video is someone mocking the ads, these photos aren't edited, these are actual ads that I've personally seen for episode in various apps I've played.

              When I was 13 if my mother had seen these ads I would have never been allowed to play this app (hell, I wouldn't allow my future children to play an app with ads like that). The first and fourth ad literally insinuate sex. Which is not something that should be on a 13 year old's mind (I'm sorry but it isn't).

              Want to know why we have so many pregnant teens? It's because they read stuff like that where they make sex seem fun (and don't get me wrong, it is) but they don't teach them the consequences behind it and the responsibilities that come with it (or because they're stupid teens, they just don't comprehend the fact that the consequences the MC is facing are real, and not just some fiction story).

              So AGAIN, I stand by my fore-mentioned statement "This would literally solve all of our problems."


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                Thank You To Everyone For The Support <3


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                  SUPPORT! like Wattpad... it would be a 13+ app and the ratings on Wattpad include Mature... This would help parents better understand and control the contents of what their children view on the app. As Episode is now, the 13+ rating is somewhat deceptive to parents who actually monitor their child's activity. For those children who read Mature Rated stories... That would be the fault of the parents. I expect proper ratings, as a parent.... as far as Holding Episode responsible for lack of parental supervision is just ridiculous. Episode has a responsibility to CLEARLY state content (Ratings are perfect... a link to Rating content would also be helpful) But they should not be expected to be virtual babysitters.

                  100% SUPPOOOOOORRRRRTTTT!


                  • GiGi is Me
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                    When you say it like that, I get what you're saying. If a teenager comes on Episode and goes to the mature section, than that's 100% their fault, and there's nothing Episode can do about that. I SUPPORT!