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FEATURE: Reader Data on Writers Portal

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  • FEATURE: Reader Data on Writers Portal

    Reader data is an idea for a feature which allows authors to see a number of reads that they're getting in each day, throughout the month and or year/s. This could give each author an idea of their progress if they're gaining or losing readers.

    In addition to the "data", the author should see the engagement of each episode and the story overall. This could also show the authors if their episodes/story are engaging or not.

    You can use WattPad as an example for this feature.

    What do you think?

    (I'm not sure if there are any forum posts similar to this if there is please forgive me.)
    I agree - I think we should have this feature
    Somewhat - I have mixed opinions
    I disagree - I don't think we need this feature
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    The poll isn't allowing me to vote, but I'm totally FOR this idea.

    As an author, I think it would be good to see which chapter you lose readers at, when chapters are read the most, and how many actually complete the story.


    • Shenie Glitterz
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      I'll check the poll, thanks.

      And yes I totally agree!!

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    Small bump up!

    What are your thoughts on this feature? Do you think there should be something else? What do you disagree with?


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      i kinda think there is other features we need more then this


      • Shenie Glitterz
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        Definitely! What kind of other features do you think we'll need?

      • line123462
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        don't get me started. well, i would like a list of newly updated stories. so when you update with new chapter it comes in front so people actually get a chance to see it. a list where you can see al the hair like clothes. because it hard to look all that through. to make our own props like we already do with layers. I don't know how props work .but why can we not use the same props for all 3 versions like layers. and also get our props list back to classick . i know they exist but they are gone and i wont them back asp

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      SUPPORT! Also, we should have a reader data for ourselves, so we can see what stories we are reading. Just in case we read a story but we don't add it to our favorites, and then we can't find it again.


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      Support! Also, show the choices results of which choice was picked the most!!


      • Shenie Glitterz
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        I made it public, you should be able to see it. I'll have a look though, thanks for letting me know.

      • -Trisa
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        No no not the poll! xD I meant when u choose a choice in an episode story show the results! Like which choice was picked the most!
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      • Shenie Glitterz
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        OHHHH! Hahah gotcha!

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          So far we have 17 votes. 94.12% say "I agree..." and 5.88% say "Somewhat".

          Do you guys have any other additional ideas that we can add to this feature? I'd love to hear them!


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            Small bump up.

            What are your thoughts on this feature?