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ANIMATION: Eating with Forks, Spoons, and Fingers

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  • ANIMATION: Eating with Forks, Spoons, and Fingers


    I was reading some more stories on Episode (like I do every day), and I saw multiple authors using overlays as a way of showing different food items in the game.
    However, none of the characters could actually eat the food due to the lack of animations.
    And even if they did, the food on the table would not be represented by the food they were eating.

    For example, if there was a salad on the table, they'd be eating pizza or a cupcake. With Limelight, we have a lot more props, but these are all handheld foods. (e.g, pizza, donuts, e.t.c.,)

    I think that if we could have an animation (might need a few props) where the character was using a fork, spoon, their hands or a fork and knife to eat would offer a lot more flexibility.

    Any author could use whichever overlay they wish to represent the food, and it would look fine when the character's eating! For example, if there are pancakes on the table, the character would use a fork to eat them, and it would look 100x better than eating pizza next to their food.

    Also, although eating with their hands might sound kind of dumb, it would make sense. Let's say there's a bowl of popcorn on the table. You don't use a fork to eat popcorn, and you also don't use a spoon. You'd probably use your fingers. The animation could look like someone pinching a food item, putting it in their mouth, and chewing.

    This could be replicated using anything. I read a thread about them adding some fruit animations into the app, but if you replaced something like an apple with apple slices, the animation could fit.

    I'd really like to see this in the near future! It would be a benefit to both the Episode community and those who work for Episode. We'd have a lot more control over food options, and there wouldn't need to be as many food props to make!

    What do you guys think? ♥

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      Support!! Too


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        RachelQuartz Anonymous100 ParkLow G. It's awesome to see you guys rally behind this suggestion, but it actually exists already in terms of the utensils suggestion.

        Rachel, you may want to narrow this specific topic/thread to eating with hands, and then all three of you can go like/reply to the topic/thread I linked above since it specifically talks about utensils!


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          Oh yeass!!!


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            Definitely support! I rarely use a character eating food in my stories due to this issue: I don't want my character eating pizza over pancakes either!