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Episode needs to be equal about Fantasy

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  • Episode needs to be equal about Fantasy

    I have elf women in my stories that need elf ears, instead of Just pouring all of their time into making human features for alien, vampires, and werewolves, maybe, they can put away some of that time into other fantasy stuff, like stories about elves, and even mermaids, surprisingly, for people that made a Fantasy Genre, they don't have many fantasy things for it, I hope they double up on the fantasy stuff, so we can more at least, diverse fantasy stories, not everybody wants to read about vampires, werewolves, witches, and aliens. What about other creatures? And not every body wants fairies without pointed ears, I myself would prefer fairies with them, then without them. And they shouldn't just treat fantasy items like costumes, there are girl werewolves, too. Make some mermaids, and etc. And It is believed by some people, that most Angels are Men, I have Male Angels, and I'm worried that I don't have any Wing's, for them. And I think I tried to find them, but failed. If you have Fantasy, Treat it like you're trying to create a real species, not just characters going to a costume party. Make it Gender-Neutral. No judgement, I just can't make my stories how I want to, and etc., Bc of the inability to Make, and create certain characters, and creatures Ty. No offense to Anyone

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    Hello! If you have various suggestions for Episode, it'll be best if you make individual topics/threads for each one you've got, much like you did with your previous topic/thread about elf ears. This post seems to have multiple suggestions and it's a little hard to tell what exactly you're asking to be added to the app since they're all bunched up together. Thanks in advance!