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  • Index of Popular Suggestions to Support

    I’ve noticed a lot of people making new topics on stuff that is frequently suggested, and how it is becoming increasingly difficult to search for specific topics as the forum grows. In an attempt to help gain better support for the suggestions, and to clean up this area a little, I have comprised a list of some frequently suggested features/backgrounds/animations/clothes, by going through the forums backwards. This isn’t a complete list, so if anyone finds any to add, let me know. This may be missing some suggestions as well, so don’t take this as the list of everything ever suggested. When in doubt, search the forums using the search bar at the top of the screen.


    Supermarket Here
    Fast Food Restaurant - Here
    Fantasy - Here
    Underwater - Here
    Theme Park - Here
    Music Room - Here
    Heaven - Here
    Crime Scenes - Here
    Dining Room - Here
    Bedrooms (male) - Here


    Pyjamas - Here
    Medieval Style - Here
    Wings - Here
    Headphones - Here
    Cheerleader Outfits - Here
    Egyptian - Here
    Punk/Emo/Goth male - Here
    Fantasy - Here
    Sneakers/Trainers - Here
    Greek/Toga - Here
    Cape and Hood - Here
    Acne/Spots - Here
    Tattoos/Piercings - Here
    Injurys/bandages/casts - Here
    Gloves - Here
    Baseball caps Here
    Wedding - Here
    Underwear - Here
    Asian/Indian/Middle-eastern - Here
    Bags/Backpacks - Here
    Mermaids - Here
    Men’s Jewellery - Here
    Androgynous/Unisex - Here
    Superhero/Villain Costumes - Here
    Dirty/Distressed - Here
    Scars/Injures/Blood - Here
    Beards/Facial Hair - Here


    Professional Camera/Mics Here
    Food - Here
    Tool/Weapons - Here
    Shopping Bag - Here


    Pets - Here
    Custom Music - Here
    Age Selection Here
    Multiple speakers - Here
    Clothing Creation - Here
    Trailers - Here
    Clothing Colour Wheel/Customisation - Here
    Personal Shelves - Here
    DipDye Haircolour/style - Here
    Outfit Preview on Custom Characters - Here
    Sequels and Side-stories - Here
    Randomized Character Creator - Here
    Publishing Episodically - Here
    Create Hairstyles - Here
    Body Features - Here
    Deleting Stories - Here
    Longer Descriptions Here
    Background/Cover art Forum Section - Here
    Timers - Here
    Character Management - Here
    Reader Choice Stats - Here
    Accents/Special Symbols - Here
    Public Backgrounds - Here
    Zombies - Here
    Strange/Fantasy/Alien Skins Here
    Heterochromia/Two-colour eyes - Here
    Ghost-effect - Here
    Age Restrictions - Here
    Dissabilitys - Here
    Daily Rewards- Here
    Custom Loop Backgrounds - Here
    Special/Fantasy Ears - Here


    Casting Spells - Here
    Playing Instruments - Here
    Eating off plate/at table - Here
    Typing - Here
    Holding/Protecting - Here
    Confused - Here
    Climbing/Jumping - here
    Run_cry - Here
    Romantic - Here
    Flying - Here
    Shaking Head Here
    Fall Backwards - Here
    Whack Someone’s Head - Here
    Fighting - Here
    Sword Fight/Fencing - Here
    Look at Watch Here
    Baby Interactions - Here
    Walk_angry - Here
    Facepalm - Here
    Cry_kneel - Here
    Rear Animations - Here
    Evil Laugh - Here
    Slow Singing - Here
    Driving - Here
    Hair/Teeth - Here
    Make-up/Beauty Related - here
    Swimming - Here
    Run_Flail_Arms - Here

    Again, if I have missed anything, just let me know! Remember to comment support AND like the first post, and if you are starting a topic for a suggestion, make it very clear in the title and the first post!
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    Thank you for making this.


    • LTea
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      You're very welcome. ^-^ If you find anything to add, just let me know!

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    Bumping this up (though it could do with being a sticky topic... :/ )


    • EpisodeGirl5678
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      You should attach my freckles thread!

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    Bump ^^^ this is a really nice topic to make


    • LTea
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      Thank you! ^-^

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    Oh my gosh, I can only imagine how much work this took. Kudos to you for undertaking the task and compiling the list!


    • LTea
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      Haha, it did take half a day, but I had a great sing-a-long while doing it, so it was fun. Thank you for the appreciation though! ^-^

    • AshlynnA
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      As long as you had fun while doing it, it was all worth it

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    Bumping this.


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      Is there someone I can ask to sticky this? May be helpful.


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        This is super useful!
        I think there is another (quite popular) request for customising body shapes


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          It's sticky!


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            I don't know if this is popular or has been talked about, but I think it would be nice if stories said what animation style they were before you read them. It would be great to know if it's Classic, Ink, Limelight and then if it's Spotlight or Regular.


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              I'm not sure if this thread was seen by you, but it's bath animations by GraceBear123. I can't send the link right now, but if you search,"Bath Animations" it should appear.


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                Hey LTea, I just made a post about having an Animation for ASL or American Sign Language, so I don’t know if you can add that up there or what, just letting you know.