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Don't Be Deleted - Follow These Request Guides

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  • Don't Be Deleted - Follow These Request Guides

    In order to help keep this forum from exploding with MILLIONS of requests, I want to established some guides. If your post doesn't abide by them, I will delete it.

    Please title any post you add with this format. This will make it easier to search later. Also make sure to include one request per created thread.

    TYPE: Short Description For example:
    BACKGROUND: Inside A Circus Tent
    CLOTHING: A Cat's Tail
    ANIMATION: A High Five
    FEATURE: Sending Cookies
    You can then add more explanation inside the text of the post.

    BEFORE POSTING, please do a search on this forum for anything similar. If you find something, leave a comment there. I will be creating art based on our internal bandwidth AND whatever has the most comments on the forum. So starting a new post actually HURTS your chances of getting that item.
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    A broken heart A girl and 2 boys


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      good idea!


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        When can I post if I want to ask someone to design me cover art?


        • CynthiaStacy
          CynthiaStacy commented
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          If you would like cover art, you may go to the official cover art request thread.

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        i have a suggestion how can i tell one of the admin


        • WL.
          WL. commented
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          I think you could post it in the forums, but it really depends on what sort of suggestion you'd like to give.

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        Bumping this up!


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          Thanks for the Tips


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            I just want to know if testing your story online is a feature that is being considered or not. It's easier, like if your phone is dead or something.


            • Mehek
              Mehek commented
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              Yeah, there's a thread on it somewhere, I think it's called Features: Test Stories from the Writer's Portal.