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Does anyone need a CODER?

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  • Does anyone need a CODER?

    Hi Everyone!

    I have published my own story on episode but I would love to help other people. I know that coding can be very daunting for many writers so I would like to offer my services.

    I completed AP computer science last year in high school and passed the AP Exam
    I have written and coded my own story on episode and am therefore familiar with the coding language for episode

    I am a hard worker and I am passionate about what I do.

    thanks guys xx

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    You could join my writing group, Episode Empire, if you're still looking for stories to code!


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      Hi. Could you please help me?


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        Hey, I am pretty alright at coding myself I guess but I really need some help because my story is quite stressful to be honest. In case you're not helping anyone yet, send me a message


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          Hello! I just started writing my first episode and I’ve been basically teaching myself the coding. So if you could help me out or give me a few pointers I would much appreciate it! Thank you!


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            Hi. I would love some help. My instgram is episode forever1996.


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              I posted something on his forum about needing someone to help with the episode directing commands! This is my first story so I don't have an instagram page yet, but I created an email just in case I do in the near future!


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                hi! I'm Deanna. I'm relatively new here, but I am currently looking for someone to help me code/direct my new story based on an anime called "Special A". I would be honoured if you would give me a chance and hear me out. I believe that this story can reach many heights with good coding and scripting together.

                you can contact me on instagram for further details, if you're interested!!
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