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New to episode making! Need a partner!!!

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  • New to episode making! Need a partner!!!

    alright, so its my first time making a story on episode and I'm excited buuuut I am just terrible at the whole coding thing (trust me I've tried so many times, I've even watched tutorials online)...and obviously thats the only way to make an episode so I was thinking if anyone would like to be partnered with me on making my dreams come true and having my fanficiton be turned into a story on the episode app. I have the whole story written out, the characters ready to go with outfits as well....I just need someone to help me CREATE the story. I will share credit with you on the story and you can also help me out with dialogue and choices!! I have most of the dialogue ready but if you have any great ideas to bring to the table I would be glad to listen to them! so please message me if you are interested

    Fanfiction: based on the anime Vampire Knight with my own OCs

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    send you a pm.