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Gang story based on REAL events! ( MY STORY)

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  • Gang story based on REAL events! ( MY STORY)

    Hey people,

    My name is Medina and I am currently working on my "first" story on Episode. I have started two stories but didn't publish them because I didn't really know how any of it works and I'm not the best writer at all. But I've decided to do something different..

    I want to share MY personal experience and my """life story""" on Episode. It literally involves everything that Episode readers are about... Love, gangs, trouble, all of it.
    Nobody (other than the people involved) know about my story, until today. I haven't ever spoken up and I really feel like I need to get rid off the pain in my chest. And I honestly felt like this is the perfect way to do it.. To let people know that things actually also happen in reality and not only on Episode. To entertain and warn people in the same moment.

    But I'm afraid that I'm not able to do it on my own. I'm not too familiar with Panels, directing, moving characters, creating backgrounds, the language (English isn't my first language)..
    So I'm currently searching for help. Or at least some tips. I would be very thankful!

    In case anybody is interested, please text me on here or on the Instagram I just created: BritByrdEpisode and I will tell you what the whole story actually happens to be about.
    Thank you for your time!


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    I would love to help you!! I just posted a topic saying I wanted someone's story for directing and coding, 'cause even tho I'm great at coding and stuff like that, I suck at making stories and continuing them... lol. Please drop a message if you're looking forward to work with me!!


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      I have found that any story written is never good unless you feel something for the topic or the story. Your story sounds like one thats so full of emotion. Your so brave to share it. I would love to help you. I am helping 2 others at the current moment but neither has messaged me in weeks. I can definitely help you. Im good at coding and all sorts including making and positioning new overlays. Basically if you need a coder and someone to help you turn your story into something you can share proudly message me.
      P,S Your story sounds amazeballs