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Episode Creativity is looking for new members!

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  • Episode Creativity is looking for new members!

    Hi we are an episode Writing Group called EPISODE CREATIVITY!

    In the linked form, the positions/titles you can searched is listed, so you can choose those there. We use Discord for communication and work, be prepared to use a third party app/program too to see work-schemes and availability..
    For now we're writing two stories in two teams.
    Most of the groups Time zones are mainly around UTC+/- 4 hours, if you wanted to know that, but we take in members from all around the world, so you don't need to worry too much about that. We would like it if you're in UTC -8 to +3. The group is mostly active in the hours of UTC 10:00-18:00.
    If you're under 18, you need your parents permission to use Discrod and work with Strangers, (fellow coworkers in EC), from all around the world. Age limit is 13+ according to Episodes official publishing/writing rules.
    Code: Tanzanite (It's a Gemstone in the color; purple).

    You'll get an E-mail if you're Accepted or Declined.
    • When entering parents permission, do not write minor. That is not an acceptable answer, to if you have your parentes permission or not when you're under 18!
    • Sorry but according to rule 16. We don't take in members from 3+ Writing Groups. But you can apply if they're inactive, just for fun and you're willing to quit or other... Then explain why in the form. That is to ensure that you will be an active worker.

    Position overview! We would like, one person pr. role if we can. (We allow up to 2 coders/writers and beta readers pr team.)
    Group One Group Two
    Director JaneVent
    Coder Limelightee Bolt2k, kokiri
    Writer Limelightee Harkan & LukeMeyerPineapple123
    Beta Reader Gavi Vivicca & Harkan
    Gammar Checker Mashia Krob.Episode
    Creator TLBL Nikita
    Graphic Deisgner Mashia
    PR Harkan and Mashia
    • We do not accept more members fro Group 2.
    • We do not accept more Creators for Group 1.
    • We do not accept more Grammar checkers for Group 1.
    We can't wait to meet & work with you all!

    You could also follow us on Twitter(@EqisodeCreative) and Instagram(EpisodeCreativity) if you want, or find us on FaceBook.
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    Submitted ;^D


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      Filled it out.


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        I applied to it


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          ...Just bumping this...


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            Hi so apparently you don't get accepted if you don't made it super clear that you have your parents permission... sooo I submitted again just now c:


            • StewartBoiiiii
              StewartBoiiiii commented
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              It’s not even worth it no ones organised I joined yesterday and had to have a new worker tell me how to choose a story

            • bolt2k
              bolt2k commented
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              StewartBoiiiii Woah that sounds crazy... the rejection email they sent me was all professional and they were using "we" pronouns and I was all "ohoho fancy"
              I might check out another writing team sometime but I wanna see how this rides out in the meanwhile- ty for telling me though

            • EpisodeCreativity
              EpisodeCreativity commented
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              We want to make clear that it is a very important point, for us that you all under the age of 18 have your parents permission in your contract. If you do not we can't feel safe with you working under us, as that would be troublesome for us. Besides we're only following the rules, and we stated very clearly that, that is a point you can't take lightly.
              "When entering parents permission, do not write minor. That is not an acceptable answer, to if you have your parentes permission or not when you're under 18!"

              Please do not talk ill about us, as we also stated that work will begin when a full team is assembled; once you're in.

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            We're still looking for members for group 1!


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              I am instrested in being a writer in group 1, but what is story 1 about?


              • EpisodeCreativity
                EpisodeCreativity commented
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                It's called TSA, we can't say(spoil) more right now.
                But in short: A group defeating evil.

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              Bump bump bump


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                This group actually seems like the real deal. And I think it will go far it seems pretty professional. I would of probably entered as a writer (because I love writing duh and I am not to bad at it after all I did get the writing award for my grade last year but then again short stories are my thing) or director because I 'm not to bad at directing I can do complex spotting and zooming, overlay works, complex branching and etc. But I probably wouldn't join as to being under 18. But good luck.


                • EpisodeCreativity
                  EpisodeCreativity commented
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                  We appreciate your kind words, they warm our hearts. even with being under 18, we still think you should try. I could never hurt, if anything you would gain new friends, maybe even for life.

                • Mia Turner
                  Mia Turner commented
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                  True, but I don't know if I should >_<

                • EpisodeCreativity
                  EpisodeCreativity commented
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                  Why not try? You can always quit, if you dont like it. Sometimes it's the changes that makes go further.

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                I applied.. how long before they email ??


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                Still looking for a Director, Coder and Writer for group one!