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Any ideas for a rescuing scene?

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  • Any ideas for a rescuing scene?

    Hey guys.

    I´ve been stuck in my story for a while now because there´s a scene in my story that I don´t know how to write. It´s supposed to be a rescuing scene where a small group of family rescues the MC from an abandoned building so if you have any ideas of how to possibly write this or if you could write a little piece of how you imagine a scene like that to me, it would be very helpful and very much appreciated.

    Also I´m not going to copy any of your ideas or the little pieces of writing that you can choose to come with. I will strictly use them as inspiration, and inspiration only

    Thx beforehand everyone and have a nice day


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    If it makes sense that they have access to a stretcher, you can make them do the run_jog animation with them layered behind the stretcher, and the mc layered laying on top of it. That's what I always use and it looks like the running people are pushing the stretcher.


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      Okay thx I´ll try that but how do I do it? And thank you so much for helping me, it means a lot.

    • catsharp53
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      Okay these are just random numbers, so you'll have to input your own, but this is the gist of it.

      INT. BACKGROUND with STRETCHER to 1.5 80 -50 in zone 1 at layer 1
      @RESCUER1 spot 1.280 50 0 in zone 1 at layer 0 AND RESCUER2 spot 1.280 100 0 in zone 1 at layer 0
      @MC spot 1.280 80 100 in zone 1 at layer 2 AND MC starts lay_asleep_loop
      Everything above that line is the basis for your scene, or what you need to have before you can move any characters or overlay.

      &overlay STRETCHER shifts to 500 -50 in 3
      &RESCUER1 walks to spot 1.280 470 0 in 3 AND RESCUER1 does it while run_jog AND RESCUER2 walks to spot 1.280 520 0 in 3 AND RESCUER2 does it while run_jog
      &MC walks to spot 1.280 500 100 in 3 AND MC does it while lay_asleep_loop THEN MC is lay_asleep_loop
      Everything above this line is the movement. Try and keep the same distance between all of your characters so that they all move at the same pace.

      If you'd like an example of this in action, I can send you the link to one of my stories (it's used in one of the first scenes of the first episode, and it's not published so it won't take up any passes.)

      If you need a stretcher overlay, I'm more than happy to send you the one I use

    • CERW
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      I would love if you would help me with the overlay it means a lot to me. Thx so much for that