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  • Story plot helper?

    I recently started an episode about twins and I'm pretty good at directing but suck at coming up with great ideas does anyone have any story plot ideas about twins, an ex, and a prom? I know it's cheesy but I don't really have any other Ideas Thank you!! Also if anyone wants to assist in wrting the story I will credit you and include your socials

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    Well. What if twin 1 had an ex that was secretly a mighty being who destroys worlds and goes to the prom to seek revenge but twin 2 thwarts their plan of destruction by declaring that the ex has won prom king/queen, which makes the ex so happy they forgive twin 1 and begin using their powers for good? And to confuse the reader, make everything up until prom normal with little hints to the ex's power every so often. Subtle stuff like, "You know I can't date him/her anymore, she/he's too scary when she/he's mad. Once she/he literally threw a bus and almost killed some elementary schoolers."

    Or don't listen to me. Because even I'm asking myself, "Where did that just come from?"


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      Vienas interesting plot thank u!!


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        Well, just because you want to make a story about twins including and ex and a prom doesn't mean that it's cheesy. It all depends on what kind of genre you're thinking about making the story. I think a very common theme in stories about twins is that one of them feels less accomplished and like the other twin is better than the other in some way. Then of course there's the thing when the twins are so identical that people treat them like they're the same person. One might want to spread their wings and break free from their twin and become their own person, at least in the eyes of other's which can cause the other twin to feel abandoned.
        If you're into sad stories you might make a story where one of the twins die and your story shows how the twin who still lives moves forward without them. This is of course very sad and might not be what you want for your story. You could add mystery and the twin is actually murdered and the other twin has to find out who the murderer is in order to move on with their life.
        If you want romance you could make one of the twins fall in love with the other twin's ex. It all depends on what genre you want and if you want a uplifting story or a more serious one with either a sad ending or a hopeful ending.

        Don't know if this helped you at all. I'm a twin so I do know a little about twins but of course that doesn't mean that any of my story ideas are any good. If you by any chance would like to hear more of my ideas or would want me to explain something further you could just PM me.


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        I would just like to say if you are doing identical twins then I beg beg beg you not to make them the seem like the same person or people to treat them as though they are because identical twins are NOT the same people we are individuals with different thoughts and dreams and etc. They will always be their own person because they are TWO individual people not one person. And I will bang my head on the wall if people keep saying stuff like that to me.

        I don't mean to come across as demanding or angry or whatever but could you please keep that in mind as a fellow twin