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First-time writer looking for reader / mentor

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  • First-time writer looking for reader / mentor

    Hey everybody!

    I've got a story that I've been working on for quite awhile titled "Where there is no echo". It's a little bit more of a darker exploration of how relationships can begin, survive, and deepen when one person's experiences echo the other's, and the future echoes the past.

    I'm looking for a reader and/or mentor who feels comfortable with constructive criticism. I'm also struggling with adding resonance to the story and fleshing out a couple of the characters, so I'd love to talk to anyone who is strong in that area! Please feel free to PM and I can send the first few chapters.

    Thanks so much!

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    Hey Kate!
    I'm currently working on my own story but I'm pretty experienced by now, I'd love to help you in case you're still searching for someone.