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EPY playwright!

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  • EPY playwright!

    Hey Episodians! I’m Maliyah, and I am currently recruiting a few members into EPY. Playwright.

    I love working with other writers, and together we could be great!

    Some of you you may know that I myself am only 13 years old, but according to episode official rules, I AM allowed to write, and publish on the app, as I have my parent/ guardian’s assent.

    If you, like I, are UNDER 18, your parent/ guardian must agree to the episode rules, and know that you are working with people you DO NOT KNOW.

    I am currently looking for
    •Character developer(s)

    Please reply down below with the following information:

    Applying role-
    Time zone-
    Contact information (hangouts, discord, etc)-
    Discord (Working platform)-
    Extra information-

    You DO need discord OR hangouts google. We will vote in a group PM for who wants what, according to availability.

    Thank you!
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    Age - 13
    Applying Role - Writer/Director
    Time Zone - US Eastern
    Contact - Hangouts - Search for someone under
    Email - (Is it okay if I'd rather not say?)
    Discord - (N/A)
    Extra Information - I have a busy schedule, so I'm not available on some days. I can't tell you exactly which ones because it varies a lot.
    Country - USA



    • Maliyahxxmoore
      Maliyahxxmoore commented
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      Thank you for applying!

      If we end up using hangouts, I will need an email (you could even make and episode email) as I do not want a bunch of group chats, for everything, so I will send out emails for announcements, and updates.

      I plan on choosing who will be a part of this all after I obtain at least 1 person for EACH role.


    • Episode_Sarah
      Episode_Sarah commented
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      Is it okay that I want to be a writer and/or a director? Or do I need to choose one? I just want to do anything besides art or designing because I suck at those things

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    Episode_Sarah that is totally fine! But I will then need ANOTHER writer, and ANOTHER director, just Incase.


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    Age- 15

    Applying role- Character developer (does this mean in the story or just making characters? I'm fine with either of those)

    Time zone- Central time

    Contact information - umm email? I don't have social media


    Discord (Working platform)-none

    Extra information- sorry for having no social media. I would still like to be part of your team, you would just have to email me everything. I am pretty good at character design though

    Country- USA


    • Kittenlove
      Kittenlove commented
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      Though it's ok if you reject me.

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    Age - 15

    Applying role - Writer (and director if you need me to be, I do know a lot about coding) But if I had to choose one then I'd choose Writer.

    Time Zone - SAST

    Contact Information - Hangouts: (Luke Meyer)

    Email -

    Discord - Honestly, I don't have one I could use at the moment, but I will make one if necessary

    Extra Information - I don't really have that of a busy schedule, but I would hate it if I receive 500 new messages on hangouts/discord from the group every hour. That kind of thing drives me nuts.

    Country - South Africa



    • Maliyahxxmoore
      Maliyahxxmoore commented
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      Thanks for applying Luke!

      I totally understand your position as not wanting a lot of notifications, and that’s why I tend to like discord.
      You can create 1 server, with chats and sub chats, so it’s way more organized, but with hangouts, it’s always a mess as you have multiple group chats

      I hope to see you soon😁
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    Age: 16
    Applying role: Director and artist
    Time zone: CET
    Contact information: discord, hangouts, instagram
    Discord: MeganTinista#6115
    Country: Netherlands


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      Age: 13
      Applying role: Writer and artist
      Time zone: MST
      Contact information: discord, hangouts, instagram: (hangouts)
      Discord: nope
      Country: Canada


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        I was going to apply but I see most spots have been filled.


        • Episode_Sarah
          Episode_Sarah commented
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          You can apply anyway; maybe your application will be better than the other person's.

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        Age- 14
        Applying role- Director/character development
        Time zone- UTC+10
        Contact information (hangouts, discord, etc)- Discord
        Discord (Working platform)- Mia#8404
        Extra information- I have been on episode for a number of years. I have published 3 stories in that time. When I first joined forums I signed up crazily to writing groups because I thought it would be fun but that is too much work. So I decided not to again but now I am deciding to sign up to this one and if selected commit. I believe your writing ability isn't based on your age. Just to put it out there I received the writing award for my grade last year (not bragging or anything) because I wrote some killer short stories (not talking myself up either). Honestly short stories are my forte and I love writing. For directing I can do a bunch of stuff which if you've got any questions about my level of that feel free to ask.
        Country- Australia


        • Mia Turner
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          Oh no :/ I chose music and coding/robotics so fingers crossed I get my picks Mia the Duckling

        • Mia the Duckling
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          Wait is that all? We have like 6, 1-semester classes. 4 of which are combined 9/10 classes. Ceramics and Business studies were just ones that i thought it was weird to get. We labeled this choice 1-4, Ceramics was a third choice but I literally know no one in. I had another 3rd choice on there but it turned out like 3 of my friends got it as their 2nd for that timeslot. Business studies? Wasn't even 1-4... I have no idea how it got it...

        • Mia Turner
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          Oh ok we pick ours differently. We have 2 lines: line 1 and line 2. They both have different subjects in it and you can only pick one per line Mia the Duckling

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        Members have been chosen!

        Thank you all for applying!

        I have sent all that have been accepted a Private message letting you know if I accepted you.

        If you did not receive a private message, I have not accepted your application.

        Apologies to those who didn’t make the cut. We may be willing to expand a bit later, but for now, I’d like to have only a few members, as too many people in a group cause Kaos.
        For those who have been chosen, please be on the look out for a group private message with all members. It will include group information, rules, and I’d like you all to let us know your role(s), name, age, and a bit about yourself.

        Hope to see you all soon!