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Need a directing/writing partner!

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  • Need a directing/writing partner!


    I'm currently writing my episodes and I need help with the directing. I'm learning how, and it is taking me forever to get it all down and I'd really like to get my episodes published. Here is the quick run down of the story and what I need done.

    Story Title: Island Dreams: St. Anasazi Island
    Summary: Ariana is accepted to the Environmentalists for Change Internship Program on St. Anasazi Island. Her mother, a billionare oil tycoon is adamantly against letting her and her siblings live on the island. Though they make it to the Island, challenges await them. There is a competition for permanent employment with EFC, and she's having to go against her ex-best friend and backstabbing boyfriend for the same position. Her sister discovers a new species of turtle, while self proclaimed billionare environmentalist and hotel mogul pledges to build an upscale underwater hotel right on top of the reef in secret. Ariana, and her siblings will discover how to use their talents, unveil the mystery behind their mom's crazy, get exposed and meet new friends in this planned 25 - 30 episode story.

    What I need done:

    1.) Directing help
    2.) Second eyes on the script. An opinion on pace, and length and perhaps places where I might fall flat.

    I currently have 5 episodes that I've written, (the first one is almost finished, I just can't figure out how to fix my hug scene) and the other four I'm still trying to put in the directing.

    Thanks to anyone who reads this and considers helping !
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    I would love to help!


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      Originally posted by smashbro View Post
      I would love to help!
      PM me, and we can talk about how you can help!


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        I am still in need for a directing partner! I'd also love someone to give me a critique on my first episode.

        Thanks for the help!


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          Hey, seems to me like you're having a bit of trouble finding someone to help out? Maybe I could solve your problem, I'm a very experienced coder, I know how to do everything in the portal. Except for text animations, and another thing, but that's eh. If you'd like to see some of my directing, head off to my Instagram TheRamenWriter and DM me! Looking forward to speaking with you!


          • FountainPenFairy
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            Yeah! I think my project isn't that appealing. I'm not quite sure. It could just be my bad juju as well, lol. I've actually figured out text animations, it is the choices that are just giving me the blues! I want to make advanced choices that are remembered for later in the episode, but I'm totally sucking at figuring it out.

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          Thanks, everyone who gave me a look over! I've found what I need!