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  • New writer looking for a team

    Hey there everyone! I have been using the episode app for a few years now and have always been interested in creating a story of my own but I always got intimidated by the directing, I finally decided to take the plunge though and started my prologue so I can use all the help I can get! I am looking for a co-writer, a director, some proof readers and an artist so that our story can have customized art. I know teaming up with a newbie is a risk but I have an exciting plot for this story and I am so excited to see what can come of it. If you are interested please feel free to contact me. The title of my story is called The Price Of Business it will be a mix of romance, action and a lot of drama

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    I’m also new, but I’m great with grammar and and am surprisingly good at coding despite being new to it. Are you interested?


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      I've been working on 3 stories recently, and with practice, I've gotten fairly good at directing! I wouldn't say I'm the best but I'm not the worst either. I would love to hear about the plot of your story! If you're interested hit me up.
      I'm not the person you should ask for art that's for sure, but everything else I should be ok at!