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Writer Looking to Form a Team for Horror/Mystery (Asphodelus)

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  • Writer Looking to Form a Team for Horror/Mystery (Asphodelus)

    Hello everyone!
    I'm currently working on a horror/mystery known as Asphodelus, story info is below. I've completed 5 chapters on my own, but some things are being revamped and the future chapters need quite a bit of detail and work. Hence, I've decided to create a group for it!

    The story is quite gory in nature and possesses some deep themes, it is also inspired by the Silent Hills P.T. NO ROMANCE guys. More of drama, mystery and horror.

    There are these available positions:

    1. Director/coders (x1): responsible for camera angles/shots, effects, overlays etc.,actions of characters in some situations, coding the story basically (mostly all commands in the Portal except what writers will be handling, and costume/character design. Will need to work closely with writers as writers may want something in particular to be inserted in the story which may be in the hands of the directors/coders. Must be very dedicated to the role. I already have a coder, so you both will have to work together.

    REQUIREMENT TO APPLY: An example of what you can do with the donacode or other features in the portal / a story you have directed yourself.

    2. Artists (x2/3): responsible for creating/editing backgrounds in the story, may also work with directors for overlays (editing and/or creating them). Also, they would need to create splashes/chapter covers, cover art for the story. Does not have to be highly involved, just must make sure they do what is requested by the team. This is a mystery story, so you will be required to create or edit backgrounds of clues/riddles/mini games and the like.

    REQUIREMENT TO APPLY: A sample of your artwork.

    3. Beta readers (x2): a seriously talented group of people who must read chapter after chapter, create their own criteria, and tell the team what can be improved and what stands out (in a good way of course)in the story, as well as point out mistakes in ANY aspects of the story. Must have an excellent knowledge of grammar, syntax etc.

    REQUIREMENT TO APPLY: Review a chapter of any episode story, or link me to a review you’ve done for a story written through any medium.

    4. Idea developer (x1): Must have a vast imagination, and work closely with writers. Basically, writers will be implementing ideas that are seen as feasible, in the story. While the entire group is allowed to contribute to getting ideas for the story, idea developers and the writers will have to take these ideas and develop them fully.

    REQUIREMENT TO APPLY: No requirements for this, UNLESS you have a story of your own which will give me an idea of how you’ve developed your ideas.

    5. Social media manager (x1): responsible for creating and managing social media accounts for the story, as well as publicizing it in any way possible. Should be able to make edits of the story, draw readers in with interesting/clickbait type captions/posts etc. I already have an account for the story on IG, (@asphodelus_official) but it is not very active.


    For this group, unfortunately, I’ll only be accepting participants 14 or over 14 years of age, as this story will deal with themes which are meant for an older audience. HOWEVER, I will try and reconsider on the case that the person really wants to participate and is aware of what could and might be portrayed in the story, and is hence fine with that.

    You can sign up for a position by PMing me, with the following things included:
    • A bit about yourself
    • Your age (I think it would be good to know for the 14+ age rating aspect )
    • Why you think you would be appropriate for the role
    • An example of your work in regards to the REQUIREMENT TO APPLY (if the position does not require anything, you can forget about this last thing).
    Main method of communication will be Google Hangouts.

    Here's the info:

    Title: Asphodelus
    Genre: Mystery/Horror
    Bio: They say what's past should be left in the past, but what happens when its cataclysmic secrets claw their way out?
    Style: Ink

    Do give it a read before you decide to start working with me, as I will only be taking on dedicated members. I think this story is a great opportunity for you guys to work with a team/ gain some experience and have some fun.


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