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  • Break up [GAME]

    In my history class, we wrote break up letters. (Long story) So, I had an idea for a game. It is simple and maybe a little odd, but hopefully fun and entertaining.

    Here is how it goes:

    Player 1 will name a person (Whether a celebrity, a person here on episode, a character from a book/movie. Whoever. )

    For example: Harry Potter

    Then, Player 2 will need to post why they are breaking up with that person (Preferably in an extremely overdramatic way)

    For example:
    I'm sorry Harry, but this relationship isn't working out! It's not you, it's me. I just feel like your feelings for Ginny/Hermione is just to great! I don't think you love me anymore! Also, I just can't be with a wizard, when I'm ajust a muggle! Imagine the teasing our (Imaginary) half-blood children would get from the nasty slytherins!

    I'm sorry Harry, but we're done!

    You understand the game? Good. I'll begin:


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    [by text] hey mario, i know you had reservations tonight at the best restaurant in town but please cancel them...we need to talk. it's just too much. i feel like we're always on two separate paths. whenever i want to go somewhere really special, you're always out with your ugly cousin and those friends of yours. and there are those princesses in your friend group! i just don't like the way princess peach looks at you. you never have time for me anymore. and those mushrooms you sometimes show me? i was tipped off that some of those are steroids, but i tried to bring it up last dinner and you "had to go". it's over!

    your character is: the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland


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      [ By Note left outside of house] Hey, sorry to break it to you, but....We can't make this relationship work much longer. Your just to boring and well....To many girl pass by your house everyday! I can't take it, so I hope you move on and stay away from me from now on. Good luck with your life

      Your character is: Link from legend of Zelda


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        Hey, Mr. Caterpillar (I forget what his name is), listen this relationship is NOT working. It's not me, it's you. And YOU are a hairy, smoking CATERPILLAR that is ugly, fat, and doesn't know a thing about me. Like, if I ask you what my favorite color is, you'll say green. I HATE green (no offense to the green lovers). You are the worst boyfriend ever! Ever since that ALICE came around, you haven't been the same! I HATE you so much! We are OVER!

        Your character is: Jace Herondale from the Shadowhunter series


        • Taliakat
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          It's alright did mine show up though? for you I mean

        • ScarletWolf
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          Taliakat I had just reloaded my computer when I saw both of your posts. 😭
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        • Taliakat
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          go ahead and do one for link real quick

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        Hey, Link. We gotta break up. You and me, it's just not working out. We're not compatible. You're grunty. I talk a lot. You're left handed. I'm right handed. You're heroic. I push grandmas into puddles in the middle of the street. You've got a sword. I've got toothpicks. You see? We're not going to work out. See ya, sucker!

        Your character is: Jace Herondale from the Shadowhunter series!


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          Hey Jace? Hon, this just isn't working, you and your Shadowhunter thing and all...sometimes I feel like you care more about being a Shadowhunter than being with me, and whenever I try to bring me up, or every time you take me on a date or something, 'business' calls you away and I can't deal with that. Scratch that. I can deal with that, but I won't. I think I deserve someone better than a guy who can't even spend longer than an hour without talking about Shadowhunter stuff. Good luck with it.

          Your character is...Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco


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            Hey um, Brendon? We aren't working out. Your hair is too perfect, in fact it's better than mine! And my hair is beautiful! Your successful and rich, and here I am living it averagely. Your stupid fan girl are swarming us everyday! Some have attacked me! Your way too high if a status for me. Sorry baby, have fun with one of your fan girls.

            Your character is.... Cameron Dallas!

            (I would never break up with him if I got the chance to even date him.)


            • Erkia
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              Me: and... this whole forehead thing? Not working. Sorry Beebo.

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            Cameron we're done. Sure your a pretty boy, but I just can't ever get to you! You're always so busy to actually say anything to me! Besides you already have all those fan girls chasing you everywhere. All of them love you.

            But not me. Goodbye Cameron.

            Your character is: Fix-it Felix Jr (From Wreck-it Ralph)


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              Look Felix Jr, your just stupid. You act like you can just fix everything but you can't fix my broken heart!!! You always act like all your mistakes can be fixed by some stupid hammer but this time your wrong! Maybe you should try fixing your heart and setting it in the right place.

              your character is: President Snow (from the hunger games)


              • #10
                Yo snow, I just think that this isn't working out, idk... I can't stand your taste in music. That's why we're done, so, bye.

                Your character is: Two-Bit Mathews from The Outsiders


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                  (Two-Bit! Outsiders! That's one of my favorite books!)

                  Two-bit, I'm breaking up with you. I just can't stand you always being drunk and stealing! I'm not getting arrested because of you! Besides, you spend to much time with those "greasers" you have no time for me! I can't be with a hoodlum like you.

                  Your character is... Superman


                • #12
                  Hey...Superman? I can't do this, I can't be your girlfriend anymore. It's too damn risky- I can't stand the idea of falling for you and then losing you and having to live without you, and you're way too publicly known- you could easily be cheating on me. There's a million girls who'd die for the chance to be your girl- date one of them.

                  Your character is...Angelina Jolie!


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                    Angelina Jolie... too much fame. Do I have to say more? You'd probably say yes. So here. You've got your pretty looks and all... but beauty only goes so deep. I feel like I don't even know you anymore! Maybe it's because I never did. You were married anyway, and I am sick of being in the shadows! You can't even talk about me because that'll make it clear that you were cheating on- Never mind, I cannot even say that- ugh- name. We are OVER!

                    Your character is.... Magnus Bane from Shadowhunters (Again, the shadowhunters. Sorry, I just love the series so so much!)


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                      Ugh. Look, Justin, I don't even know why I got with you. I'll admit, maybe part of it was for the money. But you have the worst fashion. You always wear baggy clothes that make you look like a slightly cleaned-up HOBO. I just can't be with someone whose fashion clashes with my (superior) outfits. Your songs aren't even that good. You only write about your ex, which SUCKS. I've been here the whole time, yet you still focus on writing stories about your PAST lovers?? How full of yourself can you be? You're always off to some red carpet event. Your fangirls are a bunch of snakes. Don't talk to me anymore.

                      Your person is Argus Filch from Harry Potter


                      • #15
                        Argus, look. We can't be together any longer. All you do is take care of Hogwarts and carry a stupid cat around with you everywhere, It's embarrassing! Find someone else that can actually use spells from a wand, find someone who's passion is reading from a spell book. I can't deal with it. see ya sucker ( I had to look him up to see what I was dealing with XD )

                        Your person is bowser from mario XD