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    I'm going to bump too because I haven't read it yet and i'm still reading enchantress


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      Hey...Alex. Trey's brother. Yeah, I have no clue who you are. I don't know about you, but I have the feeling it's not a good idea to be dating someone I've never even heard of. Also Chain Reaction looks like a gang story and if you've seen some of my forum posts, you know I'm vehemently against those kinda things so I think we would probably have some issues with core values as well. Also the name Alex reminds me of the Demi stories and yeah, don't wanna relive that shitty romance every time I hear your name. So it's over. Catch ya never!

      your person is....Taylor Swift!


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        Taylor, we're over. Your songs are annoying, all you sing about are your stupid exes and yourself. What about me? I bet you don't even care that I broke up with you, you'll just write a song about breaking up. Well guess what? We are never getting back together.

        Your person is...
        Donald Trump


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          DONALD TRUMP, Why did you marry me? I am from Latin America, I come from the place you despise so much... Also, I'm not a Republican, I'd vote a Democrat if I was American. Your face is so f*cking ridiculous... that's why I've never kissed you! Besides your horrible xenophobia towards me, you ignored my troll messages on Instagram that I very dearly sent to you! Sorry, but I can't date someone who despises my nationality and culture. ¬°Andate a la mierda, Trump! Y no vengas con tus pelotudeces a Argentina, que ya con nuestro imbecil presidente es suficiente.

          Your person is...

          Miley Cyrus.
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            Dear Miley,
            Listen. I think you are a psycho b**ch, no offense. The reason I dated you is for fame, and now that I am famous, I'm letting you go.
            Bye, loser!

            (I'm heartless, lol)

            Your person is... Hillary Clinton


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              Dear Hillary,
              I'm breaking up with you because I think you're cheating on me,
              I saw someone calling you named 'Alarm Clock' at six am.
              Sorry not sorry !

              Your person:....

              Perry the Platypus


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                Perry we have to break up. Sure, you're a secret agent and all, but there is a big problem. You aren't human, and I'm not a fan of beastiality so, bye bye!

                Your Person is... Zac Efron


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                  Zac Efron, all I know about you is that you're a celebrity. I don't really know you and I think I shouldn't be with someone I don't know. So yeah, we need to break up. Sorry but it's over.

                  Your person is.. Justin Bieber (lol)


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                    Justin. I'm sorry but it's just not working. Why? Because every week, you're with some new girl. And no matter how much I love Despacito, I don't understand a single word of it and I don't even know what it means. And sorry for talking about the past, but I really really hate your song, Baby and whenever you call me baby, it just reminds me of that song. And I just can't take it anymore. I'm sorry Justin but I can't even say sorry properly cause it reminds of your song, sorry. It's over, Justin. I can't do this anymore.

                    LOL That was long!

                    Anyway, your person is... Alex from the Demi Lovato stories


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                      Um.. Alex. Firstly, You're such a jealous and dramatic person that I just can't tolerate you anymore. And you're wearing the same clothes everyday. EVERYDAY. Like ewwwwww. Dude, you're a famous and rich popstar who doesn't have money to buy clothes?? This will just not work. Ever.

                      Your person is.. Jerry from Tom and Jerry. xD


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                        Aww... I don't wanna break up with that cute little mouse, but I will. xD

                        Jerry, I'm sorry... but I think we need to take a break. By that... I mean we should not be together anymore. I just... I hate Tom chasing you around! I can't handle this game of Cat & Mouse. IF you could just... hit me up if you get Tom to stop chasing you. Peace m8.

                        The next person is... Markiplier from Youtube. <3 ( Search him on Youtube, he's a gaming YT )


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                          Uh heyyyyy Markiplier? Did I say that right? Plier is such a weird part of a last name. Makes me think of pliers. Like the tool. Which makes me absolutely positive that you're a tool. Even though I have no idea who you are- which is also a problem because uh it's kinda common sense not to date people you don't know. So it's over. Cool? Cool.

                          Your person is...Obama!


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                            Um Obama, you're nice, just too nice, and I felt uncomfortable with it. But don't you worry, there are many people out there that have a crush on you and even someone wrote a song about it. Good luck finding!

                            For those who wants to listen to the song, here's the link:


                            Your person is...Jake Paul.
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                              Jake Paul, I'm sorry but this isn't working out. I don't even know who you are anymore. In fact, I'm. It sure if I ever have. You seems so fake and stupid, besides Disney Channel is overrated and vine is dead. You are now worthless. I don't need you in my life. Seeya Sucka!

                              (I don't really know who he is XD)

                              The next person is... Mickey Mouse


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                                Bumping this up from underneath the sea of Spammers.