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User Title Change Request CLOSED (UPDATED: 1/26/18)

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    Can I reset my title?


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    Hey, could you fix mine?


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      Hey Jeremy what happened to everyone's titles?!?!? Everybody's including mine all went back to "Episode Community Member"


      • Mia the Duckling
        Mia the Duckling commented
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        The post count has changed too, Some peoples have gone up a lot and some peoples have barely gone up. My theory is that they might've fixed the bug where refreshing the page before the post has loaded doesn't count the post in your post count.

      • Jeremy
        Jeremy commented
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        LOL that's a great gif! Check below for update!

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      Hi all! A new day and what looks like new issues! Oh no, I am sorry to see the member titles going back to default (trust me, it's nerve racking since I go through and update everyone's titles to reflect correctly). I am currently looking into this! In regards to the post count's, that is also something I will be looking into. No worries and thanks for the heads up!


      • EpisodeGirl5678
        EpisodeGirl5678 commented
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        Thank you so much, Jeremy! <3