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Featured Forumer of the Week ~ Awards

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  • Featured Forumer of the Week ~ Awards

    Hey guys! So I had this idea, and you can totally let me know if you want to shut this down cuz' it's a terrible idea, but I'd like to give it a try anyway...

    Featured Forumer of The Week Awards!!

    The Episode forums are far from just another stupid, mindless website, rather, this place is an amazing one, full of special and awesome people, all of whom have their own special skill set and personality they bring to the table, and whether it be creating the most fun General Chat game, an extremely interesting roleplay, being helpful for any new members, suggesting a brilliant feature, if they're a great artist or make the sweetest posts, or anything else, everyone here has also done something admirable.

    The purpose of these awards is to recognize some of those people without whom the community wouldn't be quite the helpful, supportive forum it is. Every week, I'd like to take the time to recognize one featured forumer here, based on YOUR votes and opinion!

    Each week (Week meaning Sunday-Saturday in this context) you can PM me the username of a person you think deserves to be this week's featured forumer using a form below, and every weekend, I'll either take the person with the most nominations, or if there is no clear person with the most nominations, just someone whom I agree deserves this and I'll write a short paragraph about who the person is and congratulate them for their role in the community here.

    1. No nominating yourself. This is fairly self explanatory.
    2. All troll/rude/fake nominations will be ignored.
    3. I will try to respond to each nomination message to assure you I received it, but if I don't, PM me again because the PM system here is a little buggy.
    4. Please no nominations on this thread to maintain the element of surprise (posts here are fine as long as they're relevant and not story promos or something)
    5. A person can only win once. So if, for instance, I get 272394628 nominations for UserBillyBobJoe weekly, tough cookies, they still only get the award once.
    6. You can nominate up to two different people per week, and if the person didn't win, you can re-nominate the following week.
    7. If I'm late in posting, feel free to berate me a little, but pls do not bug the shit outta me, I have a life too, but I'll try to let you know when I know I'm gonna be late in posting.
    8. Do not tag the person in your nomination PM
    9. I might quote a nominator on a winner's paragraph. I will edit only for grammar/style/flow, not meaning, and I will leave all quotes anonymous. Feel free to take credit for what you wrote, but if you take credit for someone else's quote and it doesn't look like a simple mistake (IE: you took credit when you didn't even nominate the person), I will call you out. Brutally.
    10. Any nominations not in accordance with the nomination form will be disqualified.
    11. Only active users can be nominated. In this sense, active will be defined as their activity monitor showing them online sometime within the last three weeks.
    11. The password to ensure you read all these rules is brendonurie

    Your forums username:
    The forum username of the person you want to nominate (no tag):
    Why did you nominate this person? Be as specific as you can, at least one sentence please:
    Password to ensure you read the rules on the official thread:

    Week 1: HaniaLee
    Week 2:
    Week 3:
    [this will be filled in as the weeks go by]

    Happy nominating!

    Last edited by Mehek; 03-21-2017, 08:43 PM.

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    [Oh also- Week One nominations begin now! The winner will be announced next weekend, so nominate your hearts out]


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        Just sent in a nomination!


        • Mehek
          Mehek commented
          Editing a comment
          Thanks! I received it and will definitely take your nominee into consideration

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        So I'm two days late to write this. Apologies. But, I'm proud to say the FIRST EVER Featured Forumer of the Week is... HaniaLee!!

        Hania was nominated for all the hard work she's put into her RP, Finishing Academy for Young Ladies of High Quality, and all the effort she puts into it to make it interesting and fresh consistently. In addition to this, Hania is a beloved member of the RP community, with amazingly unique and awesome characters, cute faceclaims, and she's always sweet, kind and fun to hang out with on the forums.

        Congrats to Hania, and stay tuned/nominate other users for next weekend's winner!


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        *bumps to see if this might work out*


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          This is an awesome idea!