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    I really feel bad for asking two things but you can take your time with this one...I have no one to ask so I hope u don't mind, Thanks!

    ​​​​​​Text: This Story Uses Sound Please Turn Your Sound Up!
    I want the text to look like this:
    This Story Uses Sound
    Please Turn Your Sound Up!

    Something like that!
    Username: Bookworm97
    Name on Episode: Chloe Mador (but I don't want my name on it Thanks!)
    Background: I would like a headset with sound in the background, and colorful, OR you can go with a vampire theme and do it like dark grey, black, and red, Thanks!
    Story Genre: Fantasy

    Credit or my name on the cover: If it's not too much trouble could you do with, and without your name? I want to see which one they will approve, Thanks!
    Details (stickers/stars): I would like a girl with headphones enjoying herself kind of like the one in your examples lol.
    General Information: This is what I pretty much want, I want a girl with headphones on enjoying herself kind of like one of your examples with the text, and with colorful colors, and a sound bar or something to show that it's sound, and then you can either do it a colorful theme OR you can do a vampire, OR fantasy theme I don't mind, Thanks!
    Any Deadline?: This one can take longer than the other one so like either this week or next week. But pretty soon thanks!

    I would like the size to be 640x1136 I hope all this isn't too much to ask, you can take your time, Thanks!!


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      Username: FallenAngelNight13
      Name on Episode: Pally
      Story Title: My Phantom, It's the End
      Type: ( ) Silhouette
      ( ) Episode Characters
      ( x ) My Art
      Story Genre: thriller, drama
      Story Plot: Diego's Sister, thought to be dead, returns after 15 years, unaged, struggles as she is the worlds new biggest mystery.
      Credit or my name on the cover: Credit
      General Information: I'd like the 3D art to look similar to the main character which I will send asap.
      Details (stickers/stars):
      Any Deadline? End of May.

      Text: This Story Uses Sound
      Username: ^
      Name on Episode: Pally
      Background: something in the same mood of the cover, but not exactly the same.
      Story Genre: Thriller

      Credit or my name on the cover: name on cover.
      General Information: going to be used on the same story as above.
      Details (stickers/stars):
      Any Deadline? End of May.

      Text: For Updates and Sneak Peaks follow my Instagram:

      Instagram : episode.fallenangel
      Username: ^
      Name on Episode: Pally
      Background: Same as "This Story Uses Sound"
      Story Genre: same as above.

      Credit or my name on the cover: name on cover.
      General Information:
      Details (stickers/stars): if it is possible could there be a small Instagram Image next to the text?
      Any Deadline? End of May


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      5. Splash (like: this Story uses Sound, to be continued, Episode 3)
      Text: To Be Continued
      Username: donutlover05
      Name on Episode: Maria T.
      Background: Something that relates and popular girls
      Story Genre: Drama
      Credit or my name on the cover: I'll give credit!
      General Information: N/A
      Details (stickers/stars): Anything that has to do w/ school/popular girls! :P
      Any Deadline? No deadline

      By the way, when I give you credit in my story, every time I put the background in, do I have to give credit to you for all the times I show it? Or just the first time I show it? Sorry if this is a stupid question...I tend to be stupid sometimes. XD



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        Hi! I'd like you to make a Cover:
        Author: MartaPL
        Story Title: Triangle of love
        Characters: I DO NOT WANT Episode Characters, if it's not a problem I want you to draw three characters on my cover: a girl with light skin and long dyed hair (the blue would be the best), the rest is for your imagination also two boys: both light skin, one with blonde hair and the second with dark hair
        Story Genre: romance, comedy
        Story Plot: this is a story about a triangle love, the characters are equal lovers.
        Credit or my name on the cover: I want you to put your name on a cover also I can recommend you on my Instagram
        General Information: I'd love my characters to hug each other if you're okay with this
        Details (stickers/stars): Please, add the information that this story contains LGBT themes.
        Any Deadline: One week, please
        If you need more information or you have some questions, just send me a private message.


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          Text: Sophisticated & Deceived
          Username: Briana M.
          Name on Episode:
          Background: Just a simple black background with some pale pink letters that says To be continued...
          Story Genre: Drama/Romance

          Credit or my name on the cover: My name on the cover
          General Information: No
          Details (stickers/stars): Please put a transparent book on the background
          Any Deadline? By the end of this week

          Please PM me if you have any questions about something.
          Last edited by Briana M.; 10-03-2017, 06:59 AM.


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            Yeah I have a special request ... Can you simply make a baby sonogram ... I tried simply taking it of online but they always disapprove it ... Can you just make something simple where you can see a baby shape but make it not clear which sex it is and just make everything else either blue-ish or gray-ish ? Also I will TOTALLY CREDITS YOU ... I will make the narrator say it at the end of episode and also I will put your name in my bio and the Teaser of the episode ... I will give you as much time this month as it takes because I presume you're busy so you have the full month and maybe even until the 10th of December if you're R-E-A-L-L-Y busy .


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              Are you still editing covers???
              Last edited by rae.simone.1012; 10-14-2017, 08:52 AM.