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FALSE ADVERTISEMENT: Unknown hairstyles & animations used in Episode Interactive Ads

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  • FALSE ADVERTISEMENT: Unknown hairstyles & animations used in Episode Interactive Ads

    There are loads of Episode Interactive ads on the internet, but most of these is kind of false advertisement. There's loads of ads that include hairstyles and animations that simply DO NOT exist in the actual game. I've uploaded a few examples. There are HUNDREDS more like these. Liz has already said that they're going to continue to release more assets for Ink by the end of 2017. How are they going to release all these hairstyles & animations in under 4 months?! I doubt they will. They're so focused on Limelight right now. It's such a shame.

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    I'm a bit upset as well because I love INK and I hoped they'll still work on it.
    I don't think we'll get these features and animations from adverts; they are just better-looking edits of the INK characters.


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      Those aren't actual hairstyles/assets. They're just drawings and art created just for ads.


      • Baris
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        But why? It's just false advertisement.

      • Dara Amarie
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        The same reason why fast food places advertise "perfect" looking burgers but in real life the burgers look nothing like the advertisement. That's what advertisements are for. They make the product look better than what it actually is.

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      Perhaps you should take some screenshots of the specific items, styles, hair, clothing, etc that you want from the ads and create a few threads in the feature request section of the forums. If you get enough support/likes for each thread (maybe) the team will work on including them in future updates. It's worth a shot!