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  • Children??

    Will they add Children this time? Listen, I know that most stories include Adults, and teens, but, tbh, not ALWAYS, and Only, There are Toddlers, Children, Babies, Etc. In every story! What would a story be like without children!? No really in-depth Back-stories?? And, I mean, it's possible, but, REALLY, Especially INK needs kids, bc The Women are TOO defined, and there are no BIG, and Baggy clothes to come and cover it up. Or, shirts no, to little breast line, or even definition There are some stories that can be (in a good way) GREATLY Effected by an addition children. Oh, and r pets, comin', too???
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    I support it completely. The children should also be set to a certain size, and you should have customization sections to decide what type of child you want. This will give a HUGE variety to Ink.


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      Hello there! If you'd like to ensure this feedback is given to the rest of the Episode team, I suggest you check out this topic, like the original post, and post a comment to boost/support it.

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