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    So I have a question for the authors on episode:
    I want to know how everyone gets so perfect stories? I not only mean directing or branching etc. I also mean
    the inspiration. I wanted to start to write story for a LONG time I literally delete every Chapter I make.
    At first I write it, am really pleased with it, then the next day I wake up open the first chapter and delete it right away
    because I think it is just bad I don't know what my story should be about I know it should be something with romance
    and drama but that's it, I don't know anything more what I should put in my script.
    And besides all perfect stories are already taken for example
    ''The New Girl'', I love this story SO much it is just perfect for me, and the thought of knowing that this is the first story of saige,
    just makes me frustrated everytime I think about it. And of course there are also other stories which are super cool that aren't
    the first stories of the authors but still they are so good. I just don't know where I should get my inspiration from and where
    all the authors get them, do they put in something from their real life? If not how? do they just think I want to write a story
    and then they get the perfect idea? I always liked to write a story but I just don't know because I can't think of a idea
    every idea I get is already in a story? Or even Genevieve M. She writes amazing stories they,
    I want to write a story too that is like really touching or so, what am I doing wrong?
    I sometimes think I just am not made to write stories should I give up? because I
    actually really like to write and read Episode stories but when I think about that I just don't know if I should stop writing.

    Please help me , should I stop?


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    I'm not an experienced Episode author, but I am a writer and have been for many years so I know how you feel honestly. My inspiration mainly comes from when I watch TV shows/movies or read books. I love taking elements that stick with me from that and then somehow forming it into my own story. But definitely don't stop! We are our own worst enemy, so we're going to be harsh to ourselves. Next time you feel the need to delete a chapter, write down pros and cons or what you like and don't like about the story. Really think about whether it's a rash decision. Then if you want to, go in and change what you don't like instead of deleting it. Maybe that'll help?


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      Thank you so much i will try to do that next time.

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    I have never published anything on episode, mostly because I'm a perfectionist and is never satisfied with anything I write. It seems like you have a similar problem. I find that it's better for me to let someone else read what I have written because I tend to be too harsh on myself. Also, it's great to make sure that others understand what you mean. Mostly, I think that you have to stop compare yourselves to others. It seems like you doubt your own ability to write and create stories because you feel like you can't live up to those authors you look up to. Stop thinking that you have to be better or as good as another author on episode.

    A few tips I find help when I'm stuck:
    1. Write short outlines. Whenever I feel like I have lost the "spark" to keep writing I start to write down what I want to happen in the story. By doing this I'm reminded why I wanted to write it in the first place.
    2. Do one thing at a time. On episode it can take a long time to write one chapter as you not only have to write the story itself but do all the directing as well. Usually I start to write the script without any directing so I only focus on the story itself, of course I have to keep in mind that there are some limitations of what I can do on the app. By dividing the work like this I don't let the technical things get in the way of my writing and I actually finish more episodes because of that.
    3. Follow a schedule. Personally, I have a hard time starting to write even if I don't have much else to do. It makes it easier when I put myself on a schedule. Of course for this to work you need to really be hard on yourself and force yourself to write even if you're not inspired. But you will most likely not be able to finish a story by only writing when you're inspired.
    4. Write with someone else. Sometimes it can be good to write with someone else, especially to get inspired. Find someone who is interested in writing the same kind of stories you are and create something together. In this way you will have someone to discuss ideas with and you have someone that can help you to add different perspectives to your ideas.

    I hope you find these a bit helpful. PS. You should definitely not stop writing, you are just having some doubts right now but you shouldn't give up if you really like writing.


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      Thank you so so much! This helped me Really!