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Is episode really "Reviewing" the stories??

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  • Is episode really "Reviewing" the stories??

    What kind of people are episode using to review their stories???!!
    They said they reviewed spotlight, but, spotlight went out because of inappropriateness?? The SAME kind of inappropriateness that can be found when they, THESE PEOPLE, upload these GROSS Backgrounds!?!? and I mean, seriously, plus, WHY is Episode promoting these child, adult relationships??? I mean, they won't allow ANY story with characters under SIXTEEN to date, on their stories, But, they'll allow teenagers to date ADULTS!?!??!?! News flash, THAT's WORSE!! That's why in my story when I had a Character used to go out with boys that were in her high school, at 16, not to have sex, and say things about aids, and stuff, (I'm trying to make what's she's doing seem wrong, But, idk) and state how teenagers shouldn't have sex, bc they don't seem to say anything about that, I mean, Most of the stories they showcase #1, r sex drivin', HEAVILY, and #2, they're only ruining it for those writers who make those stories, bc they're making it SO cliche, there could MORE people making RPGs, and GOOD Romances that DO NOT, showcase love triangles all of the time, bc, #1, it could be showing that in some stories, it's okay to be in love with 2 men at once, and in some stories, to be in relationships with them, and I mean, they should try to advertise MORE types and genres of Stories! Not just the types they like! Most of the types they like are for the adults, and what they are, are Adults!!

    These are links that talk about similar subjects as to what I'm Talking about.

    Some of these stories on the app are NOT Stories that should show to the youth!!

    These are NOT the cliches made by the people, (and usually women) of story-type/Video making Communities! DRAMA, and different TYPES, KINDS of, STORIES with the Drama, are the Cliche! this is bc, to be honest, I've looked at a LOT of videos made by people who DON'T make stories using Episode, but make videos, will make series, (From what I saw,) With LOTS of DRAMA, and most of the time, it's with suspense! The stories very! Now, this may be that way with THIS type of community, But, not all the time! You begin to make these stories like they're made so often, ESPECIALLY if THEY're NOT!!! There are TONS of dramas! and they're CAN't be so many stories about a grown man sleeping with their TEENAGE STUDENTS, bc so many people hate That!!! AND if they want you to read Diversity stories, try putting Diversity Stories on the Front! You can make a LOOK like it's made often, ESPECIALLY, if it's not!! And WHERE is the "Pilots" Section on the HOME PAGE!?!?!?!?!? They USED to have it, BUT NOW IT IS GONE!!!!! This is why people have turned to the "Share your Stories" section, on the FORUMS, To get their stories seen!!! You've JUST removed the Easiest way of getting these people's stories in the EYESIGHT of all THE OTHER HUMAN BEINGS ON THIS FREAKING PLANET OMGSH!!!! I used to go to pilot's ALL THE TIME FOR INTERESTING STORIES, AND NOW, I HAVE TO RELY ON THE SEARCH FOR STORIES, AND I DON'T HAVE ANY IDEA ON WHICH, OR WHAT KIND OF STORY THAT IS UNIQUE BC, I GENUINELY DON'T WHAT TO LOOK FOR!!! AND INSTEAD OF PUTTING THEM ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN, IN THE APP!!!! AT LEAST GIVE THESE PEOPLE, MORE RECOGNITION, AND PUT IT, ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP, BC THEY'RE THE ONES THAT NEED THAT NEED IT THE MOST, I MEAN, I KNOW THAT THE REASONS THAT ARE POSSIBLY PRESENT FOR YOU, NOT TO HAVE IT, BUT, OMG, THEN!! WATCH YOUR APP, MORE!!!! STOP PUTTING ALL THIS PEDOPHILIA ON THE FIRST PAGE, FOR PETE'S SAKE!!! DON'T JUST PUT WHAT YOU LIKE ON THE FIRST PAGE, PUT WHAT OTHERS LIKE ON THE FRONT PAGE, TOO!!!!! OMG, DON'T PUT ALL OF THIS GROSS STUFF ON THE FIRST PAGE, THINK ABOUT YOUR READERS, FOR PETES' SAKE!!!! O MGOSH!!!
    And these are actually the pretty RARE stories I have that were being made by people in other communities!!! Everything is usually about, somethin'/everything else!! They are NOT all about the same topic, and stringing it on along all the time!!!!!! It may be bc, its made by people of different age groups, but to be honest, mostly it's made by people the SAME AGE as YOU TEENAGERS, TEENAGERS JUST SO HAPPEN TO BE GREAT VIDEO EDITORS, SCREEN/SCENE SETTERS/MAKERS AND TOTALLY AWESOME VIDEO MAKERS, AND STORY MAKERS,
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