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Why you need to Like BEFORE reply to get stuff done in "Feature + Art Suggestions"

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  • Why you need to Like BEFORE reply to get stuff done in "Feature + Art Suggestions"

    Okay, so, I've been seeing a WHOLE lot of posts in "
    Feature + Art Suggestions

    That actually have more replies saying: "I SUPPORT!!!, or, SUPPORT!!!!!" then they do likes, which DOES say that you support, or like the idea. Which DOES make sense, and unfortunately, not a lot of them get as many like as they need, Which ultimately causes them not to be done.

    I understand what you're trying to do in commenting "SUPPORT!!!" But, Honestly, You'll need to like JUST as much, so that you can get JUST AS much, done.
    Let's all face it, that it's a lot easier, to just like a post, other than commenting, You can comment just much as you like, but, tbh, you'll NEED to like MORE, bc, commenting: "SUPPORT!!" has done NOTHING, so far. (No offense) Even one of the Moderators of the had told us to do so, in one of the "Sticky" in "Feature + Art Suggestions", So, if you want something to be done, don't just say "I SUPPORT!!!" You also like, bc if you as much as replied, or posted, A WHOLE, lot of Ideas would be done, and over with By now, thank You.

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    Well said *applauds*


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      support for this!

      (jkjk sorry couldn't resist XD)


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        This is definitely a great point. I strongly suggest that members place "likes" above "replies" when trying to figure out how to support a post!


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          Both likes and replies matter, not one or the other. I assume you're talking about Jeremy 's STICKY THREAD about liking posts. What he's talking about in that thread is that you need to like the original post for your like to count, and that you should not like the comments/replies. He is not saying that you only need to like and not reply. There have been plenty of suggestion threads that have been implemented by Episode already (including the weather effects support threads), where there are a ton of replies but barely any likes. Team members don't look at a thread and be like "Hmm this thread has 1000 replies, but only 15 likes.... looks like we can't add this feature" because that's just silly. They take BOTH the likes and replies into consideration. I understand what you are getting at and I am in no way trying to be rude or negative... I'm just saying that replies DO matter, too.
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