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🏆 Episode Forum Awards: 2017 Edition 🏆 Official Nomination Thread

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  • 🏆 Episode Forum Awards: 2017 Edition 🏆 Official Nomination Thread

    Greetings, my fellow forums community members!

    I'm here to bring you the annual Episode Forum Awards once again! These Awards will help us acknowledge and show our appreciation for forum-related aspects and valuable community members that may not get the recognition they deserve.

    Just like the former Awards:
    Originally posted by Eluza View Post
    The Awards are a three-part event to try and congratulate, celebrate, and acknowledge members of the community that assist in the upkeep, friendliness and general feel of the Forums. The first part is Nominations (where everyone will have a chance to nominate those whom they feel deserve a place in the Awards), the second is Voting (where those who have been nominated will be pooled and displayed and everyone will have a chance to vote for each category out of the nominated members), and the third part is the Results.

    Here are this years categories:

    Member Categories:
    Most Changed Member
    Most Innovative Member
    Most Welcoming Member
    Most Endearing Member
    Most Helpful Member
    Craziest Member
    Funniest Member
    Member with Best Username
    Member with Best Profile Picture
    Member with Most Developed Writing
    Best Story Game Writer
    Best Roleplayer
    Best Story Reviewer
    Best Cover Artist
    Best Background Artist
    Favourite New Member
    new members are the people who have joined this year
    Favourite Old Member
    Forums Legend
    Member you want to know more
    Honorary Member

    Thread Categories:
    Best Announcements Thread
    Most Helpful Thread
    Best Feature Request
    Best Story Game
    Best Roleplay
    Most Emotional or Inspiring Thread
    Most Comedic Thread
    Most Enjoyable Thread
    Craziest Thread
    Best Forum Game
    Honorary Thread

    Replies Categories:
    Best Lighthearted Post
    Best Serious Post
    Honorary Reply

    In case you think I missed a category, you can suggest a category and submit your nominee for it.

    You can nominate as many members/threads/replies as you want in whatever category you want, none of them are mandatory to fill so feel free to skip any category you want.

    There is also an option to tell why you chose to nominate your picks.

    Here is the form for Member nomination
    Here is the form for Threads and Replies nomination

    Don't hesitate to reach me if you have any question or complaint, I will do my best to solve it immediately.

    The nomination period will officially close on the 27th December, 2017 at 11:59 EST
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    Yess I read all about last years thread and can't wait to nominate some amazing people and threads!
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      This is so cool!


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        This is awesome!!


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          It's awesome to see something like this crop up in the community!


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            • Mia Turner
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              This gif (or video thing) is so cute!!!! Elmo!!

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            I'm so excited and and can't wait to see the nominations!


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              Super Excited for this! Now I just have to find people/threads/posts to nominate


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                Announcement: the categories Most Helpful Member and Best Announcements Thread have been added


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                  This is going to be fun! Can't wait to see who gets nominated for what!

                  *insert excited gif here*


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                  Ahh, these awards are so sweet! I can't wait to put in some nominations! ^-^

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                    I will definitely be nominating some very deserving people for this!!

                    I'm so glad you decided to bring this back!!


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                      ~Bumping this up in front of all the spam~


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                        Really enjoyed last years awards and can't wait to see how this years turns out! Good luck to everyone and have a great time


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