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  • would you like a map?

    Hii everyone! lately I,ve been really into map making and I think I'm quite good in it I don't know if this is a smart idea but maybe I can help you guys create maps to give more depth into your story's, I know I always love to have an idea how the surroundings are in a story it's a great way to give the readers an idea from the story without giving anything away about the context. It's a great way to start a story or I know it always gets me on the tips of my toes to find a secret map here are a few examples feel free to use them. Not to your taste but interested? give me the details of your 'wanted' map down below and I just might make you something (it will be in this style (see exampls) so no flats, modern houses,... so tell me how you see your map with the elements in the examples) sorry for spelling errors, it's late!

    lots of love! taratje
    A feud between 2 kingdoms? 2 lovers separated? A map to an ancient lost kingdom? maybe the start of a spy story? Only you can dicide :) (use freely) What awaits the new contesters on the show 'heart island'? a honeymoon gone wrong? a mysterieus drop off? An overjealous ex takes it to new extreme's? and whats the deal with that windmill? Only you can dicide :) (use freely) a land divided under 3 rulers; the humans, orks and zombies! No? the angels, dwarfs and fairys? maybe a new dimension? Which side will you be on? Where will it all begin, and where will it end? Only you can dicide :) (use freely)

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    the pics above too small? no good quality? I'll post them here again hopefully in better quality
    You like the idea but stuck with a theme? see this post above and (without clicking!) read the discription of the the maps by scrolling over the pic, maybe it will give you idea's
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      Ooo cute idea