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🏆 Episode Forum Awards: 2017 Edition 🏆 Official Results

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  • 🏆 Episode Forum Awards: 2017 Edition 🏆 Official Results

    After a long process and a long wait from you guys, I am proud to bring you the results of the Episode Forums Awards!
    In December last year nominations began, and now it's the grand finale of last year's awards!

    Just like in the past years:
    Originally posted by Eluza View Post
    For each category (member, thread, reply/comment) , there is a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and honorary mention award.
    There are also 3 honorary categories for Honorary Member, Honorary Thread and Honorary Comment/Reply.

    Hosting this awards has been an honour to me and I want to thank all of you for letting me do it.
    I also want to apologise for taking so long but I've been working on a little something for this, you will see what I mean at the end of the post.

    Now, without further ado, here are our winners along with all the reasons they got nominated!

    Member Categories:

    Most Changed Member
    1. Anonymous100
    • “Anonymous was a shy member when she first joined, but now she is, to me at least, queen of the general chat. She's friendly and vibrant.”
    2. Once Upon A Time
    • “You just have to look at Once’s posts on the million replies thread to see how much she’s changed this year. I may not have know her before but she went from a shy fox to a dreamer who keeps going forward while based on dreams and wishes and hope and childhood.
    3. SillyCupcake22233
    • “The great Silly, she has always been here and yet we have got to see her change and mature in a way that makes me proud of knowing her.”
    Most Innovative Member
    1. Dara Amarie
    • “She created the best helping thread.”
    2. Mehek
    • “Mehek is constantly coming up with new ideas to improve the roleplay community and the forums in general! Each of her roleplays are absolutely amazing with unique ideas and an interesting plot. She was the first one to host the RP/SG Awards last year, and she's recently created the RP/SG calendar too! “
    • “For making great RPs and being generally awesome xD”
    • “Mehek keeps on coming up with ideas to improve and organize the Role Play and Story Game threads. I appreciate her dedication.”
    • “I absolutely love her ideas. If I ever need any ideas for RPs or SGs, I always try to see how she gets her ideas (but not copying obviously) and try to make mine as professional as hers. It's gotten to the point that I became really intimidated by her, and she probably doesn't really know about my existence (unless someone brings me up, of course), but I still love her work.”
    3. FallenAngelNight13
    • “Started the "Let's talk about" threads on the "Episode Fan Community" board. These threads are fun and get people talking about stories rather than just trying to promote their own."
    Most Welcoming Member
    1. Mehek
    • “Mehek, the living legend. You can be intimidated by her greatness at first but that won’t stop her from being super friendly and helpful to everyone.”
    2. Episode fan
    • “She is always messaging people that she thinks is nice and will always comment on people's posts to make them feel welcome.”
    3. AwesomeAnon
    • “I have to say that when I first joined the RPing section, I already had a grasp, albeit very weak, at the concept of the whole thing. The first few people I talked to included AwesomeAnon and at that time, she was probably the most helpful person at that time. Even then, she also made that awesome RP/SG guide which also helped a lot of newer members get the hang of RPing and I appreciate her for that.”
    Most Endearing Member
    1. Darling_episode
    • “she's so nice!”
    • “I haven't really known Darling as much as other people, but from my previous conversations, I can tell that she's the sweetest person I've ever met. Other than her cute Pusheen gifs, her words are very encouraging, and I've always loved talking with her. There's just something that makes me feel a lot happier when she's around, and even if I'm just a huge cloud of pessimism, she never seems to care about that.”
    2. Cam Boulder
    • “She without a doubt is literally one of the sweetest, kindest, smartest, most caring members here- the community wouldn't be quite the same without her, and her replies to everything on the ranting thread and general life advice and you existing, and she’s honestly such an awesome person ahhh <3”
    3. Once Upon A Time
    • “xD she's great.”
    Most Helpful Member
    1. Dara Amarie
    • “She's a pool of directing knowledge and is so super helpful and fast at replying to questions.”
    • “She helps so many people with their code and directing.”
    • “For making all of the thread helping out with the coding of stories.”
    • “It's not even her job to help people, but she does it anyway!”
    • “She has her own help thread and has helped me (and many others) before.”
    • “She has a thread dedicated to helping anyone out with their directing issues, she is quick to respond and is very nice!”
    2. Cam Boulder
    • “I'll have to say that she is probably the best person to go for if someone wants advice or help, whether it be about life problems, homework or assignments, or just some technical difficulties not associated with those other things. And even if she has her own problems, she still takes her time to help people.”
    3. FallenAngelNight13
    • “She’s always up to help someone from the community”
    Best Advice Giver
    1. Cam Boulder
    2. Once Upon A Time
    • “Her replies on the ranting thread are super useful and comforting.”
    3. Mehek
    • “You can always go to her if you have some kind of problem, and she will do her best to give you advice. There’s a reason she is an online counsellor.”
    Best Friend
    1. Mehek
    • “Mehek is Mehek, what’s there to hate?”
    2. Once Upon A Time
    • “She is the kind of friend you meet once in a lifetime.”
    3. Cam Boulder

    Craziest Member
    1. FallenAngelNight13
    • “Fallen is just so crazy it's awesome- I'm so glad I've had the chance to know her on the forums because they'd never be the same without her and her crazy plot twists and posts and everything about her.”
    • “Goals.”
    • “Literally makes the craziest but most entertaining characters”
    • “From personal experience, I have to say that she truly is a quirky individual. I never got to talk to her much, but I definitely did get to see her interact with others in RP and out of RP and they are probably either really random or just outright funny.”
    2. losersam
    • “For lighting up my day when I talk to her about her crush.”
    3. MADEpisodeCretor
    • “It’s crazy how she roleplays”
    Funniest Member
    1. losersam
    • “I have no idea, but something about her posts just has this crazy ability to make me laugh XD”
    2. Mehek
    • “I love her childish humour, it's great xD”
    3. SillyCupcake22233
    • “They are really fun and hilarious “
    Best Gif Spammer
    1. Jeremy
    • “He also posts gifs on all of his posts “
    2. Darling_episode
    • “She has the cutest Pusheen gifs ever.”
    3. LHT
    • “Oh my… Joy to the world - LHT has posted”
    Best forums Ship
    1. SillyCupcake22233 and her crush
    2. SillyCupcake22233 and Mehek
    3. LVB and LHT

    Most Active Member
    1. EpisodeGirl5678
    • “She is always the person with the last/most recent message on a thread.”
    2. FallenAngelNight13
    • “She’s always on here.”
    3. Mehek
    • “She's on here everyday I swear”
    Member with Best Username
    1. EGG
    • “Well, I don't really know what to say for this. It's EGG, full on capital letters and just... Egg. That is all.”
    2. certified goofball
    • “It’s just a certified goofball”
    3. Mia the Duckling
    • “She’s the best duckling”
    Member with Best Profile Picture
    1. Once Upon A Time
    • “It’s beautiful and very meaningful, I just love it!”
    2. Mia the Duckling
    • “It's just plain adorable”
    3. LHT
    • “It's so artsy and so representative of her (go red king!)”
    Member with Most Developed Writing
    1. Cam Boulder
    • “Cam's writing is absolutely beautiful! Her descriptions are detailed yet concise, and you can tell that she puts genuine effort into each character's response. It's no wonder that she's majoring in English!”
    2. Once Upon A Time
    • “I've seen her style and I really like how she manages to easily write nice long paragraphs that are interesting to read.”
    3. Fate
    • “Paragraphs . . . just to answer yes or no . . .”
    Best Story Game Writer
    1. Arabella
    • “I love her writing and how she managed to portray certain characters. I may not be personally in her SGs, but I'm also rather surprised that she's able to upload new chapters at a fast rate. Not many people can handle that, and I was rather surprised, since she was able to keep her SG active and not leave it dead after the first chapter.”
    • “I'm not super familiar with SGs since I haven't been in many, but there's a reason I'm stalking Willow Tree when I'm not even in it...XD”
    2. catsharp53
    • “For making great SGs and encouraging people to make more of them”
    3. Mashia
    • “She has a good premise for her SG.”
    Best Roleplayer
    1. Fate
    • “She always gives detailed responses that always strike emotion in me when reading. This makes it easy to respond. She is also a very inclusive player and her writing just leaves me in awe!”
    2. FallenAngelNight13
    • “For being great in general, I'm always impressed by how you can manage so many characters at once, it must take skill xD”
    3. Mehek
    • “Her RPs are simply the best.”
    Best Story Reviewer
    1. Anonymous100
    • “Her proofreading skills are impeccable.”
    2. LTea
    • “So, I never really read much story reviews, but I briefly read through some, including LTea's, and I'll just say that I was amazed at how she managed to review stories. They were very detailed, yet concise, and while she didn't sugarcoat her words, she was never outright mean either. I don't really have any stories to review as of yet, but if I ever do, I wouldn't hesitate to visit her thread sometime (if she's still active and not busy, of course).”
    3. Queen Faith
    • “She just started a thread called Truth Tread ii think and she's really insightful on it. She points out everything she can see.”
    Best Cover Artist
    1. losersam
    • “All of Sam's art is so stunning! Each of her covers are designed according to the preference of the user and the main theme of the story. She puts so much time and effort into digital art, adding little details that really make a difference. And she's soooo great at it! Sam is also super nice and tries to make time for everyone.
    • “Because she's an artistic GENIUS- every single piece of hers is beautiful and well done.”
    • “sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam sam”
    • “dude.”
    2. Joyous
    • “I really love her covers.”
    3. Mashia
    • “I really loved Mashia's and cover arts that they made for me.”
    Best Background Artist
    1. Alissa Turner and Mia Turner
    • “The backgrounds are amazing and they always manage to turn an artwork into a masterpiece”
    • “She's probably dead by now (not really, I hope not), but since I don't visit a lot of background artists' threads, I'm just gonna give her a mention, since her backgrounds are probably the only ones I've seen before. It's still somewhat odd for me to do this, especially since nobody probably knows her in 2017, but I feel like an honourable mention is worth saying.”
    Favourite New Member
    1. Once Upon A Time
    • “I can’t even begin to describe my appreciation for Once. I may not have know her for a very long time but I still feel a close bond between the two of us, she is amazing, funny, smart, interesting, deep, a great writer, a very good friend and simply the best fox out there :3”
    2. AshlynnA
    • “She's not exactly a member . . . but like she's new!”
    3. Fate
    • “This might be biased because she's probably one of my more close friends, but I am serious when I say she makes me laugh a lot, and when the situation calls for it, she can be great at advice and comforting other people.”
    Favourite Old Member
    1. SillyCupcake22233
    • “Silly is so funny and nice and talented at writing and singing and an insanely awesome and creative person in general!”
    • “Being a cool old member, chubby potato is going to happen, I promise.”
    • “She’s way too old.”
    2. FallenAngelNight13
    • “She’s a good roleplayer.”
    3. Mehek
    • “She is one of the best and oldest roleplayers out there!”
    Forums Legend
    1. Dara Amarie
    • “Dara has done so much for the Episode community. She goes out of her way to create templates, guides, and how-to's for everyone to use. She also helps authors with any type of directing problem they have.”
    2. FallenAngelNight13
    • “The lady, the myth, the legend- everyone knows and loves fallen (#FallenForMod2017) including me, and she's been such a crucial and amazing part of my forums experience, I'm glad to know her!”
    • “#FallenForMod2017”
    3. #Yeah09
    • “I've seen her around, and while she's still intimidating to actually talk to, I think she's genuinely nice and funny. I have nothing much to say else compared to my other answers, but I really do hope I can talk to her more (if I even can).”
    • “I’m pretty sure I squealed when I rped with her and HAVe you SEEN HER WRITING???”
    Member you want to know more
    1. Audrey Austen
    • “They're pretty fascinating- they're new but interesting and intelligent.”
    2. Mehek
    • “We have a good friendship but I feel like there is still a lot more to know about her and I wish I could develop this friendship as she is such a lovely person and is absolutely hilarious!”
    3. Stargirl
    • “I think she's crazy”
    Best Admin:

    Honorary Member
    Dara Amarie

    Thread Categories:

    Best Announcements Thread

    1. Fallen is the New Mod
    • “It's coming - just wait xD hahahha"
    2. Web Previewer is now LIVE!
    3. Announcing Pass Free Featured Stories!

    Most Helpful Thread
    1. Dara's HELP THREAD for Directing & Coding
    • “I wish I could have put all of Dara Amarie's threads, but this is the main one. She knows so much about directing and coding, and she has tutorial and help threads that are super helpful for new or even experienced directors”
    2. How to RP/SG
    3. The Ranting Thread
    • “You can blow off steam - and Cam will be your mom for you.”
    Best Feature Request
    1. FEATURE: Body Features
    • “It would help the app become more diverse”
    2. FEATURE: Being Able to Delete Your Story
    • “It's very true. A lot of us want to delete our terrible Episode Stories so it doesn't take up so much space and give us cringey memories. I think it's the best feature because who wouldn't want it?”
    3. FEATURE: Minor Update Check Box
    • “Episode NEEDS THIS”
    Best Story Game
    1. Road Trip
    2. Crimson Summer
    3. Willow Tree

    Best Roleplay
    1. Galileo School of Magic
    2. DICE
    3. Amor Nervosa

    Most Emotional or Inspiring Thread
    1. The Ranting Thread
    • “It gave us all a place to pour out our feelings with no judgement.”
    2. Let's get 1,000,000 replys!
    • “Those cat memes man *sniff* they get me everytime.”
    Most Comedic Thread
    1. Let's get 1,000,000 replys!
    • “That thread man, once you are in, you can't get out.”
    2. Joke Thread
    • Warring Kingdoms
    Most Enjoyable Thread
    1. Let's get 1,000,000 replys!
    • “You can post whatever you want, you meet new people, and you can spend half your day just spamming and no one will care
    2. The Birthday Thread
    • “The thread brings so much love to the forums because everyone is wishing each other a happy birthday on their birthday which honestly warms my heart.”
    3. Warring Kingdoms

    Craziest Thread
    1. Let's get 1,000,000 replys!
    • “It has so many different things happening at once but it's a whole community full of spam, conversations, roleplays, etc.; there's just a lot going on “
    2. The Ranting Thread

    Best Forum Game
    1. Username war!
    2. Warring Kingdoms
    3. Break Up
    • “It’s creative and hilarious”
    Thread with best gifs
    The Birthday Thread

    Honorary Thread
    The Birthday Thread

    Replies Categories:

    Best Lighthearted Post

    Originally posted by Mehek View Post

    The Millionth Reply something that's probably gonna be stupid, forgotten and pointless by an old yet youthful geezer Hello reader. You're probably either one of the people reading this right now as I post it or ages in the future when you're much closer to the millionth reply. For the sake of this note, I'm gonna assume you're the latter. This thread has been the baby of generations of forumers. From TheCupcakeAddict who created it to legends who you've probably forgotten like EGG and #Yeah09 and CaylieMoore, kitty4322 and MissMolly and RandomGirl and it belongs to everyone from the people who've posted here like once ever to those who post on it regularly. As I write this, it is in the hands of an extremely capable and amazing group of people, SillyCupcake22233 with their randomness and excellent RPs, Mia the duckling with their coolness in general, Once Upon a Time with that foxy fox and Tay Swift luv, PechaBerry with their general awesomeness, ConspicuousSpace the newbie who has earned the title of "wow there's a mature guy here", LHT and LVB the besties who may or may not be the same person, FallenAngelNight13 the legend RPer and forums coolio, Cam Boulder the amazing group parent, losersam the art senpai, Darling_episode the sweet one, MotherFricknut the kewl young one and ofc, me, Mehek, among others I'm probably forgetting because my memory is worse than the Trending Section of Episode (I hope by the time you future forumers see this you don't understand that ref) But you probably don't give two hecks about all of us. Chances are you have no clue who Milly Mupcakes is though I do hope you're keeping the 'this will be forgotten' post alive still. It's a meme we want you to carry on if you can. But that's not the point. This thread is our baby. The goal isn't to get to 1,000,000 only anymore. It's to talk together, laugh together, cry together, period bitch and fan theorize and gif and meme and life together. So I want to know that your generation is gonna have your fun with it. Make crazy weird awesome friends here like I have. And even when you hit 1,000,000 don't lose them. Make a new thread or continue this one or do whatever your generation wants to do- I don't know if I'll still be here by then. I hope to be around to see this reach 1,000,000 someday but if I amn't, have fun with it future forumers. I hope you find this note someday (even though you'll probably dismiss it as an old rambling geezer you never knew) I hope y'all have as much fun here as we did/are. Finally signing off this long winded rant, Mehek and the 2k17 million reply forumers PS: you were not born in the wrong generation just cuz you missed out on this awesome squaddd, you just get your own awesome squad. you were born in the wrong generation only if The Script isn't making music in your generation.

    Best Serious Post
    Originally posted by Audrey Austen View Post
    Audrey's poem of the day # 1

    I was so afraid to be broken by you
    I was all in over my head
    So I eventually broke myself instead

    - Audrey Austen
    Honorary reply:
    Originally posted by AnishaSk View Post
    This is a genuine query that a lot of us have concerns about. I have in no way been disrespectful in any of the content I've written below and would immensely appreciate it if you address this and finish this now rather than deleting these comments and putting only yourself at risk later. Also, I really mean you're putting yourself at risk later. I kindly ask you to stop doing this to yourself. I love this app too much to see it go down for something so easily fixable.
    1. In reference to your guidelines on sexual assault:
    I understand that this is sometimes contextual and you would have to review the entire story to really help. But, what have you done about the existing stories that still "contextually violate" your very guidelines? I'm not even refering to just one story. I've been keeping tabs on multiple stories and have play-throughs of them before and after this review takes place and I still don't see significant change that removes the filth of promoting such grotesque acts.
    2. After placing said guidelines, it would be really helpful if you also show this community or at least the ones who report stories, the entire review process. Some users are genuinely disturbed by the things they read and they do require some sort of personal reassurance from the support team that the reviewers have ACKNOWLEDGED it in the first place and walk them through the reasons why the team chooses to keep/change scenes of a story. All users have ever received was most likely to be an auto-generated reply that does not give them reassurance or justify the elements of a story.
    3. Episode is available on an International platform. Please keep that in mind as well when you're responding to users, reviewing problematic stories and creating your guidelines. Some countries have stricter censorship laws so some users are naturally not exposed to many things that's deemed "okay" on this platform. Either tailor your guidelines to fit an International platform or simply keep it a local app. There have been apps that were banned for lesser and with lesser proof than what certain community members possess. Keep that in mind in mind too.
    4. This community does understand the difficulties of being short-staffed but does not take too kindly to ignorance that's been so frequently displayed by your members. Note:
    "Ignorantia juris non excusat"
    Translated legal maxim: Ignorance of the law excuses not.
    I am not at liberty to tell you what you need to already be knowing as part of your job. But I will enlighten you with the fact that some community members are well versed in all major loopholes and legal implications of them on this very app. Now, you can either choose to work with us(we are more than willing to help contribute) or take longer on your own. Regardless, please fortify this app from anything legally violative of both local and international platforms. This would cut the toxic stories spreading on the app as well.
    This message is in no means a threat or meant to insult the Episode team. It is simply highlighting key issues and loopholes in these updated guidelines.
    There are multiple cases, statutes, amendments and note that have been referred to while making this post. Please don't think we're trying to bully others here. We have NEVER done that and have plenty of proof that we were the ones being harrassed for taking a stand.
    Episode is a safe space for most of us as writers and readers here. Please don't take it away from us just because of these tiny things that can be corrected so very easily.
    A disappointed Episode author and reader,
    Anisha Sk

    And now, finally, for the thing I have or you! I wanted to make this awards extra especial as a thank you to all of you, and that is why I present you "A Word to the Winners", a google doc with a special dedication to each one of the winners. You guys can also add your dedications by editing the book. Notice I am giving all of you full access to edit the doc, so I hope you will be respectful and not delete something someone else wrote or use it to make fun of anyone.
    I will turn the ability to edit off in a month (February 12th, 23:59) but everyone can still keep it saved as a reminder of the wonderful people you are <3
    Congratulations to all the winners!
    I'm hoping we can host this awards again in November/December this year
    Last edited by Cam Boulder; 01-12-2018, 04:16 PM.

  • #2
    Yay! I'm sooooooooo happy! Thanks, guys!


    • #3
      Oh hey, I won something!


      • #4
        I can't even describe how sweet and wonderful this is- congratulations to everyone who won and even those you got nominated, and thank you to Cam for all your hard work and dedication making this! ^-^ This is really touching and I'm grateful to anyone who voted for me, it makes me so happy to be part of such a loving community. I'm still surprised I even got nominated at all. :0 I'll be sure to add my dedications in the book, and to everyone who won, you deserved every nomination, every vote, and every win!


        • #5
          Hehe, congratulations to all the winners :3


          • #6
            YAy! Congrats to all the winners!^.^


            • #7
              Me: RP/SG Award Results are out? Time to read them


              Me: Wait WHAT I actually won stuff?!

              Congrats to all the winners- you all deserved it!

              Shoutout to Cam for all the hard work and dedication to these!

              It's been an absolute honor to be able to have been a part of this community for so long, and each and every one of you truly makes one of the greatest places on the internet to be <3 Thanks for putting up with me for so long guys.


              • Jeremy
                Jeremy commented
                Editing a comment
                Now THIS is what I would call gif spamming. Def not what I do

            • #8
              Wow thank you so much, I’m speechless! Congratulations to everyone who won and for the people who didn’t you all deserved to win! x


              • #9

                Thank you all so very much for all the nominations and votes and your reasons for nominating me! It's been my pleasure helping every one of you with your stories! You guys are extremely amazing! A big shout out to for hosting these awards and organizing everything! You are incredible! And thank you so much for your kind messages in the "A Word to the Winners" doc! <3


                • #10
                  Congratulations to all the winners!


                  • #11
                    AHHhHHhH I CAN'T BELIEVE I GOT ANYTHINGGGGGGG ahyfduhfrej
                    I would put in a GIF to congratulate others and show my happiness but I donut know how...


                    • #12
                      Woo, thank you all so much, I can see though the only reason for me winning best background artist, shared with Alissa, is because there weren’t many😂, but thank you all anyway and congrats to those who won and to those who got nominated, in my book your all winners.


                      • #13
                        THANK YOU BOULDERY CAM FOR HOSTING THIS (well last?) YEAR’S AWARDS!
                        You did an amazing job!

                        And thank you so much guys for the votes as well as nomiatations! UwU I know I’m kind of inactive and ghost-y (that’s not a word I’m a disgrace) on the forums
                        anditakesuperlongwithmyformsimreallysorryguysandso metimestoreplyaswell and I’m still kind of a noob so I promise to improve from now on and try to break out of my weird shell and get to know you guys better ^~^

                        And a huge congratulations to everyone else who won
                        (iminthesamecategoriesassomanycoolpeople) you all earned it!


                        • #Yeah09
                          #Yeah09 commented
                          Editing a comment
                          You really are a great Roleplayer and I miss Chelle D; Congrats!!!

                        • Fate
                          Fate commented
                          Editing a comment
                          #Yeah09 OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I really miss Calvin too )': And congrats on winning as a forums legend because you really are one!!!

                      • #14
                        ialsomayormaynothavetdCatandCamthatifIwouldeditmyf aceonaduckorsometjingso...


                        • #15
                          Second place...

                          Whelp, the recognition and that tiny paragraph are enough for me.
                          (Though my inner competitive spirit is screaming quite loud.)
                          Congrats to Le Winners!