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[READ FIRST] Forum Rules and FAQ

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  • [READ FIRST] Forum Rules and FAQ

    Welcome to the Episode Writer's Forum, where you can share ideas with other writers, get feedback on your story, and learn more about how to direct on Episode!

    I wanted to take some time and go over some helpful tips and basic rules, so you can have a fun and positive experience here!

    Basic Rules:
    • This is a forum for Episode Writers. Please do not discuss live stories, spoilers, or new content here. That is for our Episode Reader Forums.
    • Before you create a new thread, please check that it has not been asked earlier, so we can avoid repeat threads. If it is a duplicate question, I will link to the first thread and delete the new one.
    • If you would like to share your story for feedback, please post it on our Story Sharing forum.
    • Be kind and respectful to other writers here. We will NOT tolerate teasing or insulting another writer. If someone is asking for feedback, you are welcome to provide constructive criticism, but comments attacking the writer or purely insulting the work will be deleted, the poster issued a warning, and banned if it repeats.
    • In the Art Request forum, make a clear title explaining what you'd like at a glance.
    ​Script Help:
    • Before posting on the forums, please review our guides and example scripts. Many of the common issues writers face are answered there.
    • Having trouble directing? Please add a screenshot of your error and script to your post. This will make it much easier for the community to help you.
    • Please post if you fix it, and how, so we do not continue working on it.
    • How do I get my story published?
      Once your story has 3 episodes with at least 400 lines of dialogue in each, you can submit them for publication. We will be looking at writers with unique plots, realistic dialogue, and interesting choices.
      We will also pay special attention to the stories of people who are friendly and helpful on the forums. So please participate!
    • Help! I'm getting an error on the portal!
      Please post a screenshot of your error and script, otherwise we cannot tell you exactly what may be wrong.
    • Help! I'm getting an error on my app!
      Make sure you have the newest version of the app installed.
      Make sure you have a strong internet connection.
      Make sure your script is error free. If there is even one error, it will not load on your device.
      If it is still broken after that, send us a screenshot of the error from your device.
    • Can you add a new background/clothing piece/animation?
      While we don't formally accept art requests, if we see quite a few writers requesting a new piece of art, we will consider adding it. Please first head over to the Request Forum and see if someone else has requested it. If they have, comment there in agreement so we see it is popular. If you make a new thread and it already is requested, we will not notice that the item is popular.

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    I'm wondering if I have to pay for anything to use this site? or to make a story?


    • Meegs
      Meegs commented
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      Nope, it's completely free.

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    Can anyone tell me how to comment in this site. not posting but commenting


    • bowsoverbeaus
      bowsoverbeaus commented
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      I don't think new members can comment. I could be wrong, but I know quite a few of them seem to be unable to. Sorry :/

    • anuja
      anuja commented
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      Can anyone tell me how to post a new topic

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    Plz, I seriously need to know how to comment?


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      Oh! How long will I have to wait to comment?


      • Joycepisode
        Joycepisode commented
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        about a week for the most.

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      Oh ok thank u


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        Hey, @Joycepisode previously u had informed that it would take a week or so for the comment option to be available for me but nearly a month got over and still I don't have the comment option available.


        • #8
          How do you get passes?


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            Originally posted by Barbara Fortenberry View Post
            How do you get passes?
            pls send me passes Referral Code = G7UFPRRTYW


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              I'm having trouble deciding whether I should post Return of the Greek Gods in Classic or INK. Would it be all right if I made a story posting a pure text sample for it and asked what style would be more appropriate?


              • Caylie Moore
                Caylie Moore commented
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                It would certainly be fine! Just be sure to post in the correct sub-forum when doing so. If I've understood your post correctly, it would best be suited for Share Your Stories.

            • #11
              What if I wanted to post links to where I posted the story on other sites? Would that be okay? My original post is too long to accommodate.


              • Caylie Moore
                Caylie Moore commented
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                This is okay also, as long it's your own work! The only thing that I feel would change would be the sub-forum that it would be posted in; it would probably work best in this sub-forum, General Chat, instead.

            • #12
              Can someone please tell me how to post something? XD I can't find the option anywhere


              • LuxeDove
                LuxeDove commented
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                like a thread thing or whats it called?
                Last edited by LuxeDove; 05-05-2016, 06:33 PM.

              • MoonstoneWolf
                MoonstoneWolf commented
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                I'm trying to figure that out as well. Seems like it's taking all day for my comments to post as well.

            • #13
              Hi. So How do you start a new post on these forums?


              • #14
                Hello, am new to the forums and look forward to adding some UFO/alien/timetravel type stories to Episodes in the future.


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                  Hello. I was wondering if you knew how to delete a story that we no longer want. I accidentally selected ink style for a story and I want it to be in classic. Is there a way to delete the story from my list of stories?


                  • donutlover05
                    donutlover05 commented
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                    You can't delete a story, sorry