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Yes & No ~ (Game)

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  • Yes & No ~ (Game)

    Yes & No ~ (Game)
    Just another forum game... xD

    I play this game with my friends quite a lot... mainly because we love watching each other suffer.
    Yea, I know- I'm not cruel.

    The rules of the game are quite simple:


    How To Play
    Beware, I suck at explaining stuff.

    1) One person asks a question:
    Ex… Girl: Do you have any siblings?

    2) The next person must answer, but you CANNOT say yes or no.
    Ex… Boy: Two. A brother and a sister.

    3) And then just redo it all over again- so, ask another question, once you answer.
    Ex… Boy: Can you do the splits?

    And, etc.
    Damn, I’m really bad at explaining stuff- but you probably get the gist, if not- search it up. LOL.


    Time for a refresh! Doubt you'd need this.

    So, just to recap.
    Ask questions, but you CANNOT say: yes or no!
    If you're really stuck, just pass and admit that you suck at this game, LOL.

    To make it more fun, try asking easy questions at first, and then try tricking them into answering a question related to it with an answer for "yes" or "no".

    I guess I'm starting this off...


    Starting Off
    Yay... I've got a trick up my sleeve...

    ...What's your name? xD.
    Last edited by RomanceGirl; 11-19-2014, 01:05 PM.

  • #2
    LOL. It's Serena, XD.
    What's your favorite food? (LOL... Such a question, I know...)


    • #3
      Answer, (for IU.): Chicken and Chips. LOL. Girl, you can do better than that.

      So you admit your name's Serena?


      • IU.
        IU. commented
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        Oh, God.... You're smart...XD

      • RomanceGirl
        RomanceGirl commented
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        I know I am. xD.

    • #4
      Answer, (for Romance/Lillian): I admit that my name is Serena! There!
      Do you have a crush? XD
      Last edited by IU.; 11-19-2014, 09:36 AM.


      • #5
        Answer, (for IU.): Damn, you actually got that?! And... obviously... a celeb crush! Duh! xD.

        Can you do a handstand?


        • IU.
          IU. commented
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          Haha, LOL.

      • #6
        I have never been able to do a handstand.

        Do you love Episode?


        • #7
          Answer, (for Meegs): Ever since I downloaded it in my iPad...
          Would you do anything you can to save someone? (Totally random, I know...XD)


          • #8
            I would do just about anything to save my husband, but probably not anyone else!

            Have you ever been to the beach?


            • #9
              Answer, (for Meegs): Once. When it was my birthday, my parents surprised me by going to a beach!
              Are you wearing a jacket right now? (What? I am... It's a question that suddenly popped up in my mind.)


              • Meegs
                Meegs commented
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                I just felt like answering this one, because it's fun.

                I've been taking it on and off today, as I get cold and hot. Right now, it's setting on my chair.

              • IU.
                IU. commented
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                I know right. It's cold in here, but if I wear it too long, it suddenly gets hot...

            • #10
              A black one.

              Do you like to dance?


              • #11
                Answer, (for JudeLB): It's my hobby, dancing.
                Do you like singing?


                • #12
                  Answer, (for IU.): Not when it's me.

                  When I say, yes to a yes, and yes to a no, does that mean I'm saying yes?
                  (LOL, I'm feeling complicated, xD).


                  • IU.
                    IU. commented
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                    Wait, what...? O.o
                    (LOL. I really don't get it, XD)

                • #13
                  Sounds like you agree with everything, regardless of how you really feel! (HA!)

                  What would you say if I said "No"?


                  • #14
                    I would say you've lost the game!
                    When have you felt the most afraid?


                    • #15
                      Answer, (for Cass): When my little sister went missing for a whole day because I accidentally let go of her hand when we went to the mall to go shop for clothes.
                      Are you satisfied with your username?