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  • Episode Social Media Accounts

    Hey Everyone!

    We are putting together a list of our user/writers' social media accounts so we can share them on a wider scale with the Episode community. Since reads are such an integral part of increasing your story's trending rankings, we are hoping that these accounts will be a great place for promoting your stories. If you are interested in sharing this information with a wider audience, please fill out the following form with links to your accounts! Let me know if you have any questions.

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    The form says I need permission to access it.


    • JudeLB
      JudeLB commented
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      Yeah, me too.

    • GenevieveM
      GenevieveM commented
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      Me three!

    • taylorc
      taylorc commented
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      Thanks for letting me know! I updated the form. Let me know if you still have problems.

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    I submitted a response to the form


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      Where's the list going to be posted?


      • taylorc
        taylorc commented
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        Possibly in the portal. Do you guys have a sense of where you'd like to see it. Where would you look first if you wanted to find this info?

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      Can I promote my Episode Instagram account, although it isn't for a story? It's @best.of.episode if you want to check it out.


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        Whenever I read others' stories, it asks me if I want to go to their Instagram, etc. Does Episode automatically do that for you if you put your account name in the story details box thing?


        • isa_episode
          isa_episode commented
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          Yes, but it's also good to add your account name at the end of the episode since Episode won't ask you to follow the author's account every single episode. It sounds very confusing, doesn't it? πŸ˜†

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        Is it possible to add OTHER as an option?... I would like to link them to my actual webpage, if possible. I don't particularly like social media accounts...however my webpage gives the readers the option to share episode stories on their social media accounts if they choose to ....and provides a discussion forum.... I just simply prefer to keep the author page separate from my personal stuff, or everything seems to get lost...people feel like they are being ignored...feelings get hurt ....and so on... It much easier for me to do this.... just a question (and apparently a long explanation/reasoning) LOL Thanks for your time !!!


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          I've submitted <3


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            Just submitted!


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              hi guys check my story "He's the one" by T.M


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                Nice. 😁 hopefully alot of people will fill in


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                  Just activated my FB page

                  Check it out!


                  Also follow on IG: raeAmeSTUDIOS

                  Running a contest
                  Details on the pages!


                  • #13
                    The life between 3
                    Twitter: samrover18
                    Instgram: 10gymnastics


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                      Story: Laithlya Altrice and the Detrons
                      Twitter: @JulietEpisode1
                      Instagram: JulietEpisode1



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                        Story: Dreams Of A Fashion Designer
                        ​​​​​​​Twitter: @episode_fashion
                        Instagram: @dreamoffashiondesigns

                        I rather you follow me on Twitter because I'm barely on Instagram. Thanks!