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  • Looking For Short Form Content

    Hey All!

    We are starting to look for shorter pieces of content to explore how they might work in the context of the app. Think of things like lists, quizzes, funny clips, or anything that you find incredibly entertaining and quickly consumable.

    If you have written (or would like to write) this type of content, add your share link to the following form:

    It should be between 30 seconds and 1 minute to play. It should also be fun! And I know it will be based on how fun you guys are on this forum!

    Also share them on the forums for feedback!
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    I hope I'm not being obtuse, but what exactly are you looking for here? Mini episode stories? I'm not sure what you mean by lists or funny clips. Maybe a scavenger hunt type of game? A bit more detail would be appreciated, since I would love to send something. Just not sure what to submit.


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      Sorry Guys! We are looking for anything that can be played in under a minute or so by itself. By lists I mean those similar to lists on the internet. (ex "Five Places to Visit Before You're 30," "10 Reasons Why Minnesota is the Best State."). Hiatus, I think your mini-game is a good example. There is really no limit for what you could submit. It should just be 1) Entertaining and 2) Short.


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        Ok, I just submitted my first quiz. I'm curious if there are anymore mistakes, since I had a bit of trouble with the points adding up properly. Please let me know if you get the "There's a Problem" result.



        • Joycepisode
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          your game is really good!

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        Is this still going on?


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          Do you like gang stories ?
          (3 chapters only)

          A new romantic drama centered on two lovers !
          From more light-hearted romantic comedy , to serious, heartbreaking drama
          Title : Another Christmas Kiss
          Genre: Romance, Drama, Action
          Description: What happens when Bryan kisses his gang leader's sister on Christmas eve?!
          (Drama, Romance)
          I would love to hear your suggestions on improving my work ! so please feel free to leave me fan mail or feedback!
          ​​​​​​​And I will search for your stories as well Just comment on my reply so I can reach your link.

          LINK :

          Merry Christmas Everyone xoxo


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            *SUPPORT 100%* I vote for clips! Funny clips, or maybe clips from the characters past? That would be awesome!!


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              Is it me, but why isn't there a episode in similarity to Love Island yet?? That would get so many hits on here and it is perfect for the target market???