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New Art Uploading Features

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  • New Art Uploading Features

    Hey All,

    We’re excited to officially announce the release of two new art uploading features - the Background Uploader and the Cover Art Uploader. We’re hoping these new features will give you more creative power to customize your own stories and take your Episodes to places they’ve never been before!

    Background Uploader:
    I’m sure many of you have had a chance to use the Background Uploader by this point. This feature allows you to upload backgrounds to use in your stories. To upload a background, click on the “Art Catalog” link from your portal page and then click on “Your Backgrounds”. The page gives step by step instructions for uploading the images. You can upload images that are up to three zones long!

    Once you upload your background it may take a few days to approve, so be patient. For information on what is permissible to upload be sure to check out the FAQ linked on the uploader page.

    We encourage you all to push yourselves to use backgrounds in creative ways. They could be used to cut to close-ups of images that you would normally have to imply with our current props and animations. Each background could even be used as a cell for an all background comic! Try to think outside of the box. Of course, there is nothing wrong with just creating awesome backgrounds.

    Cover Art Uploader:
    We know how sick you guys are of using generic covers for your stories. We also know how talented many of you are at creating amazing cover art! Now you can upload your own cover art using our Cover Art Uploader.

    To access the uploader, click on the image next to the title of your story on the story’s main portal page (The page where you choose which chapter you want to edit).

    From there, upload your images, keeping the pixel ratios in mind.

    If you aren’t all that artistically inclined, the forum is a great place to ask for help in creating cover art. There are a lot of incredible artists on the forums that I’m sure would love to help.

    Be sure to let me know if you guys have any questions, or if anything is confusing.

    Episode Team

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