It's Time to Move! (Open Beta)

You read it right! We are pleased to announce that the new forums have progressed from Closed Beta to Open Beta and everyone is invited! You can now join us here and begin leaving us feedback here! Thanks to the entire Episode community for your awesome contributions and being part of the Episode Community fam! - The Episode Community Team
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Thank you to Episode Team!

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  • Thank you to Episode Team!

    I got Classic Style back for my current story!!! I am so happy!! Thank you!!!

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    Moved from Announcements to General Chat.

    Please be sure to post in the correct subforum next time. Announcements is meant for Episode-approved announcements only. Thank you!


    • Alexandria Rose
      Alexandria Rose commented
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      I'm not even able to post or comment in Announcements, how come others can?

    • Caylie Moore
      Caylie Moore commented
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      To be honest, I have no idea. For a while, that section only allowed moderators and admins to post, and it wasn't until a several months ago did I begin seeing other accounts begin posting there. I assumed it was newer users that had the ability to do so then, but considering you yourself just joined back in August, I really haven't a clue why some users aside from admins and mods can post there. The only thing I can say is that these forums have always been buggy in some way, so it's probably that. 😕

    • CynthiaStacy
      CynthiaStacy commented
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      I've made a new account before (for testing this issue), and I was able to post in announcements as well as the other new users. Also, we can comment but they cannot.