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  • A, B, Or C? (GAME)

    Heres an example how to play:

    You are at a family gathering for Thanksgiving and you don't like any of the food.

    a. You politely excuse yourself and go home.
    b. You excuse yourself, go to the bathroom, make vomiting noises, and ask to lay down on the sofa.
    c. You politely eat a little bit to please the host.

    So then the person picks A, B or C, and asks another one of those questions.
    You start by using my example above.

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    You are sitting with someone and the person stinks due to wet clothes.
    A) you move away being rude
    B) you cover your nose again being rude
    C) you try to bear but at last blow off and leave the room



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      (xD) B.

      Its gym and you need to go to the change room. But you realize you didn't wear an underwear.

      a. You go to the office quickly and ask to go home.
      b. You hide and change.
      c. You don't change and bear with the consequences.


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        B. (I'll change in the washroom. )

        You go to the animal shelter and see all kinds of animals, but you only have room for one.

        A) Cat
        B) Dog
        C) Bunny


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          Which is the most likeliest for you to do?
          A) Eat, sleep, eat
          B) sleep, eat, sleep
          C) okay on the serious side.. do work, eat but no sleep

          Ah I know my brilliant questions


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            C haha

            You have just discovered that you've inherited Spiderman's powers. What do you do?

            A) Broadcast it to family and friends
            B) Secretly save the world from crime
            C) Use it for your own needs


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              B I wish that would happen

              Your find out that your boyfriend / girlfriend is cheating on you with your best friend. Do you?

              A) Confront them about it
              B) Don't tell them you know and secretly plan revenge
              C) Move on and find new friends


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                B all the way.

                You have some free time to binge-watch on Netflix, so you watch...

                A) Supernatural.
                B) Supernatural. (Actual choice: The Vampire Diaries/The Originals.)
                C) Supernatural. (Actual choice: Arrow/The Flash.)

                I hope you really like my choices. They took me so much time to think of.

                Supernatural is just...


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                  DUDE, A, B, AND C. THAT IS YES, YES, AND YES ALL OVER. OKAY, fanboying off.

                  Your favorite TV show just showed its final episode. You:

                  A) spend hours, days, weeks, months, and/or years crying over it, and then burn everything down when you finally realise that a new episode is never coming back on.
                  B) start a petition for the continuation of it.
                  C) just die.


                  • luvbird4evaWRITE
                    luvbird4evaWRITE commented
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                    All of the above... AND OMG, YOU'RE AN SPN FAN?! CAYLIE, YOU KEEP GETTING BETTER AND BETTER! OMG, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW. I'm rewatching the entire thing right now. xD I'm on Season Six. It's one of my dreams to guest star on SPN, and hopefully, the rest of the CW shows. That would be a lot of fun.

                  • Caylie Moore
                    Caylie Moore commented
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                    YES! I started watching SPN a few weeks ago (I'd finally given in to see what all the fuss was about), and it instantly got me hooked. I watched season one in under two days; binge-watched the hell out of that show. I'm only midway through season two because of school and limited data (unfortunately; but hopefully that'll change in the next few months), but I cannot wait for the life of me to get all caught up.

                    As for your dream, oh god, I would absolutely love to see you guest star on there. From what I've seen of your acting, I can definitely vision it happening. You definitely work towards it, Luvbird!

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                  C.... Just.... C. Every time I finish an anime, manga, or TV series I spend a good few hours questioning my existence. But I also feel like I'd be crying and burning things whilst in my grave.

                  You just became the main character in your favourite book/movie/manga/tv series/fictional world. You:

                  A) Live this shit up. You've always wished for it to happen anyway.
                  B) Spend the whole time wanting to go back home and devote all of your time to doing so.
                  C) Just sit there and... Contemplate.
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                    Its the end of the world. You can save one person, who would it be?
                    A) A member of your family
                    B) Your Bff
                    C) No one, your life is at risk, you'd just run.


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                      B – maybe by some chance that person is a male, and perhaps we could reconstruct the human race? Sure, there may be a little incest... but there could be some other survivors...? (my logic is ridiculous )

                      You're busting to go to the toilet, but you happen to be stuck in the middle of a formal ceremony. You:

                      A) Hold it in for next hour or so until you can leave, but as a result, suffer from extreme discomfort.
                      B) Sneak out, but you're probably going to be extremely obvious to everyone attending.
                      C) Hop out of the nearest window and empty your bladder in a nearby bush. Might as well exit with flair?


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                        I'd pick C but God knows I don't have enough balls to pull off something that awesome. I'd probably end up in the hospital... So B (Yolo right?)

                        Your favorite author dropped his'her lucky pen at some sort of Meet & Greet that you attended. It's over and he's\she's already on his way to the airport to some other state. You:

                        A) Run (or find some way of transportation) All The Way To The Airport
                        B) Keep The Pen And Add It To Your Shrine (duh)
                        C) Leave it there on the floor


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                          Someone's bullying your best friend what do you do?
                          A) Leave it, your bff can handle herself.
                          B) Defend her.
                          C) Oh the heck with words, Beat 'em up!


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                            Either B or C

                            You are left with just one more of your favourite chocolate and are super hungry, so are two of your best friends.
                            A) Eat alone
                            B) let both of them share one - fourth and you eat three - fourth
                            C) don't eat at all.