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  • Have you ever...?

    This is another forum game I used to love back in the day! The title is pretty self-explanatory, but let's use an example in case someone isn't familiar with it.

    PERSON A: Have you ever been fishing?
    PERSON B: No. Have you ever ridden a horse?

    And so on. You can answer with a simple "yes" or "no", but if you want to elaborate and tell a story about it, feel free. Just remember to leave a new question for the next person answering! And please do not ask anything offensive or too personal!

    I'll start.


    Have you ever scuba-dived?

  • #2
    No, but I'd love to someday.

    Have you ever rode a horse?


    • #3
      I have. It used to be a hobby of mine when I was a teenager and to this day I love being around horses even though I don't ride anymore!

      Have you ever been grounded?


      • #4
        No, my parents don't do the grounded punishment.

        Have you ever went to another country?


      • #5
        Yes! I went to the Gold Coast, Australia in early 2012. Other than that, haven't been able to afford overseas trips. Although, I am going to Brisbane in Australia mid this year for a week-long music tour.

        Have you ever played The Sims?


        • Miss Molly
          Miss Molly commented
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          I should totally just find you when I'm there. Haha.

        • Yasmine H
          Yasmine H commented
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          Australia really is the best isn't it! 😉 Hint, hint.

        • lovelive_princess
          lovelive_princess commented
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          I live in Sydney, Australia!

      • #6
        Does Freeplay count? *cringes*... If so, then yes.

        Have you ever been camping?


        • #7
          Several times, I really enjoyed it.

          Have you ever been on a plane?


          • #8
            I have, many times!

            Have you ever skipped school?


            • #9
              I'm badass... but I'm not that badass, felenk.

              Have you ever gone to a concert?


              • #10
                ... In my dreams... In reality, the bands are either a) broken up, or b) never come anywhere close to where I live, so... Eheh... no.

                Have you ever bought tickets for one movie, just to sneak into another?
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                • #11
                  No. I never really needed to, though it would be really easy to do that in the theater near me.

                  Have you ever badly burnt food, it was ruined beyond repair?


                  • #12
                    No, I've always been able to rescue it by scraping or cutting off the burnt bits.

                    Have you ever pulled an all nighter?


                    • #13
                      Yes, though it was on accident. And on a school night. ;-;

                      Have you ever had more than one pet?


                      • #14
                        Yes, right now my family has a dog and a cat, and we used to have 2 dogs.

                        Have you ever been to Disney World?


                        • Episode Ace
                          Episode Ace commented
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                          Yup, with my little Sis dragging me to Elsa.

                      • #15
                        Nope! That'd be an awesome experience, though.

                        Have you ever watched a YouTube video longer than 2 hours in one go?


                        • Episode Ace
                          Episode Ace commented
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                          Yah! My Little Pony marathon with my lil' Sis.