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Big Dressinggame Script Template

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  • Big Dressinggame Script Template

    Hello my fellow Episode writers and readers,

    I'm back again with another script template for you all. (After sharing my Complete Character Customization Script Template, link below)

    Did you ever want a dressinggame to NOT just have a bunch of choices, but in nice categories? Didn't know how to make this or just felt lazy? Well, no worries, because I made the basic script template of it for you!

    REMEMBER: When you use the command '@CHARACTER changes into outfit_name' it means the whole outfit they are wearing will
    make room for another one you've just chosen. So don't make one with only pants and one with only a shirt, because when you pick one, the other will be gone again. Make full outfits, fitting the categories you want to give the reader. (You can change the names of the categories of course, I just gave them basic names to start with.)

    If you follow this link you will be taken to the Google document with the script template in it.

    Don't forget to share it with your friends!
    (Although credit isn't obligated, it would be appreciated. And when you do, please give credit to my instagram account: writer.trishagold)

    Happy writing and reading!

    x Trisha Gold

    P.S. This is the link to a post of mine including the link to a complete character customization script template for the Limelight style:
    And linked below is the link to a complete char. cust. script template for INK!
    Hello fellow Episode writers! As many of you might know there's a little button on the right side of your script called 'script templates' in which you can find
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      Thank you so much for this I've been trying to figure out how to do this for so long! So with the big dressing game we don't have to do gains or if/elif/else, to remember the outfit the reader chose?


      • Trishagx
        Trishagx commented
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        If you want to remember the outfit later on in the story you still need if/elif/else in any way you want to remember this choice. Dressinggames are hard with gains, because if you put a gain in every choice the reader might get every gain because they want to see everything.

        Perhaps giving the choice a name is the right way. Just put something after 'choice' between () and use that to refer to it when using the if/elif/else statement when you want to remember the outfit they chose.

        Do note: if the reader chooses an outfit at the end of episode 1 for example and doesn't change outfits after that, then the episode ends and the reader starts episode 2, the character will be in the last outfit it got changed into, which in that case will be the outfit they chose. So in those cases choice names and if/elif/else isn't needed. 😉

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        Wow, this must really come in handy for Episode writers/creators. Nice job compiling it like this!


        • Trishagx
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          Thank you! I hope many will find it will come in handy, haha. My pleasure

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        How do you make choices for the customization template gold? For example, how to make the "This is Perfect" choice turn gold?


        • Apes
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          }<PREMIUM>"This is Perfect"{