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Disapproved Background Art?

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  • Disapproved Background Art?

    I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place, but it was the only forum that seemed the most relevant!
    Anyway... I uploaded background art, it was not approved due to copyright apparently...
    Thing is...
    I made the background art myself, from scratch!
    I don't really understand why MY art would be copyrighted... I don't even know how to get it copyrighted!!
    But, there's no option to contact the Episode team to appeal their decision... Does anyone know what I need to do??

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    Were there any brand names in it? Like if you put a movie poster in it or a can of soda with names, for example.

    You might want to file a support ticket about the background, and they'd know why it was disapproved. Click here if you want to.
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      Could you attach the background here? Maybe if you show us the background we could figure out what wrong. If not, submitting a ticket is a good idea.


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        It was a background of a map, with place names on it.
        I got the place names from a fantasy name generator. I chose the fonts and added the names myself, to the map! I changed the blank map background colour and added all the effects myself (like the compass at the bottom, etc...)... there was nothing in this background that was copyrighted?
        I made 5 of them, (for different places) but only this one was not approved.
        But yh... I guess I'll have to submit a ticket
        Thank you tho guys 💋


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          Hi Jaymee . It is def best that you submit a ticket in regards to this, as our team takes these background approvals very seriously and if there is any cause for concern, you should definitely bring it to their attention. If you would like, on top of opening the ticket, please private message me the image that did not get approved and I will see what I can do on my end. I hope this helps. Oh yeah, I also had to move your thread out of the "General Chat" sub forum since this has to do with Episode. Please make sure to create threads in the correct sub forums. For any further help with forum issues please make sure to review our forum tutorial. Thanks!


          • Jaymee
            Jaymee commented
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            I know this is an old thread... And I ended up, just creating a new background art, which got approved, so the problem was kinda sorted (lol)...
            But, I wanted to say thank you for the help and effort, you were willing to give on my behalf. I didn't want you to think it went unnoticed or unappreciated, so...
            Thank you

          • Jeremy
            Jeremy commented
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            Thanks a bunch Jaymee ! Appreciate the update and glad that you got it sorted out. Happy New Year and you're welcome!