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Unapproved Background?

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  • Unapproved Background?

    Can anyone tell me why this wasn't approved?
    It was something about copyright... But I don't know what's wrong about it? The only thing I took from the internet is the background, but I don't think that can be copyrighted either?

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    It kind of looks like the "Gigi is Me" in the background is a water mark, so they probably thought you used a watermarked background. I would suggest submitting a ticket asking why it wasn't approved.
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      I agree with Dara, it does look like a watermarked background.. If submitting a ticket won't help, then maybe you should make another one without the "GiGi is Me" at the back? Just put it somewhere else so it wouldn't look suspicious.


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        Thank you both. I submitted a ticket, and they told me that all backgrounds with watermarks like that are rejected (though it is obvious it's mine) I just had to remove it.


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          Hi GiGi is Me ! Inquiring about image approvals and rejections on the forums won't help you get your background approved any quicker. The best thing you can do is respond to the ticket that told you that it was rejected. If the ticket is closed then the quickest way to get it addressed would be to create a new ticket asking the reviewers why it was not approved. I hope this helps. Closed thread as this has been successfully completed.