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  • Coding for Sound?

    Hi, I'm a new writer and I'm not too good with codes. I'm trying to insert an alarm clock buzzing sound into my script. Since this is my first time, I searched up on Google what codes to use. From articles, old and new, say that you're supposed to do:

    sound alarmclock-digital

    I did that...but then I got this error message on the side:

    Unexpected garbage: The text on this line does not fit our formatting

    My story is in ink, and the articles were for ink and some of them were from this year. I don't know what to do, is it just me? Please help, thanks!

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    Try this:

    sound alarmclock_digital

    P.S. next time, post this in the Directing Help And Tips section
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      Sorry about that, thanks for the help though!

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    Hello Terrible_Writer, and welcome to the Episode forums! As your fellow member said above, posts similar to this (in which you ask for help with your stories) are best left in the Direct Help & Tips section of the forums. That can be found right here.

    I've gone ahead and moved this topic to the appropriate section for you. Have a good one!